Cardi B Remembers Ex Stole $20,000 Of Her Stripper Money

Cardi B still feels nauseous thinking about the time an ex-boyfriend stole $20,000 of her stripper money.

“When I was 20 years old… I used to say this so many times, ‘I’m 20 years old and I have $20,000.’ And that always made me hype because I worked hard for it,” the rapper, now 29, said on Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast on Tuesday.

“Like, I f–kin’ shaked [sicc] my ass really hard for it,” she added.

But Cardi remembered that one day he counted the money and realized there was only $1,000 left.

“This na stole my f-king money,” she told Yee. “He took my money and didn’t answer the phone all day [when I called to ask about it]†

“I went crazy, and then he said, ‘Yeah, I took the money because I’m in California to… [weed to sell]†

Cardi B poses on a private jet.
Cardi said she’s been with broken men growing up in the Bronx.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared that she was “traumatized” by the incident.

She also said it made her decide to stop dating “broken guys.”

When Yee asked if she would ever get the money back, Cardi replied, “This guy gave me about $4,000 back, talking about the weed. … Like, that traumatized me. I can not do it. Look, I’m getting shaky [now]†

Cardi B and Offset laugh together.
Cardi also said she has had sex with rapper husband Offset in public.

Cardi also admitted during the interview that she has had sex in public with her rapper husband Offset, but she said they were never caught and she is no longer outside.

“Now we can’t do it too much because me and my n—a are too paranoid,” she said. “We hear people pass by, and we say, ‘Oh s–t, do you hear that?'”

Cardi B and Offset at their home with kids Kulture and Wave.
Cardi and Offset share daughter Kulture, 3, and son Wave, 10 months.

The ‘Hot S–t’ artist and Migos member, 30, secretly married in September 2017.

They share two children: daughter Kulture, 3, and son Wave, 10 months.

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