Ryan Reynolds undergoes ‘life-saving’ colonoscopy on camera


Ryan Reynolds found he had a “subtle polyp” on his colon during his first colonoscopy, which he sent out to destigmatize the procedure.

The 45-year-old ‘Deadpool’ actor and his co-chairman of Wrexham Football Club, Rob McElhenney, decided to team up with Lead From Behind, a colon cancer awareness organization, to encourage people – especially men – to get the procedure when the time is there. .

In a YouTube video uploaded to Reynold’s page on Tuesday, the two explained that they wanted to prove how the “simple step” can save lives.

“Normally I would never have a medical procedure filmed and then shared,” Reynolds said.

Ryan Reynolds underwent a 'life-saving' colonoscopy.
Ryan Reynolds underwent a ‘life-saving’ colonoscopy.

“But it’s not every day that you can make people aware of something that will definitely save lives. That’s motivation enough for me to show you a camera being shoved up my ass.”

During the procedure, Reynolds found that he had found an “extremely subtle polyp” on the right side of his colon, which was immediately removed.

“This was potentially life-saving for you – I’m not kidding, I’m not being overly dramatic,” the doctor told the actor, showing images of the tissue. “This is exactly why you’re doing this. You had no symptoms.”

As for McElhenney, his doctor revealed that they found three polyps that were “not bad, but definitely a good thing we found and removed them early.”

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney
Rob McElhenney was also found to have three polyps.

The excited “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star, also 45, joked that he “won” the contest, given that he had two more polyps than Reynolds.

“Colon cancer is preventable,” it reads on a black screen at the end of the video. “If you are 45 or older, ask your doctor for a colonoscopy. And help Rob and Ryan cancer a…’

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