‘RHODubai’ star Caroline Stanbury on husband’s N-word tweet

Caroline Stanbury was held accountable to her husband, Sergio Carrallo, after his longtime “racist” tweet emerged Wednesday during the “Real Housewives of Dubai” reunion.

“He apologized to whoever he thought he should,” said Stanbury, 46, after explaining that Carrallo, 27, was unprepared for his social media posts to come into the “public attention” of the Bravo reality show. would be stabbed.

“Sergio is the least racist person,” she clarified.

The tweet in question saw Carrallo, who is Spanish, use the N-word in 2016.

During the reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Stanbury’s co-star and close friend Caroline Brooks, who is black, what she thought of the situation.

“When I saw it that morning, when it surfaced, Caroline called me first — furious, like she was mad — and then I called him because he was really upset,” Brooks, 37, responded.

Brooks said she felt “indifferent” because the N-word is always “unacceptable,” but she still loves Stanbury and Carrallo.

“Sergio then explained to me that he had never heard that word before,” Brooks said. “I explained to him how problematic that is – as Caroline did, she told him – and I think he got enough of that from everyone around him. He apologized a lot. He didn’t apologize publicly, but he did apologize.”

Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Brooks and Nina Ali sit at the "Real Housewives of Dubai" meeting.
The former football player apologized to several people for the tweet.
Zach Dilgard/Bravo

Co-“RHODubai” star Sara Al Madani, meanwhile, revealed that she had hired a “technical team”, who discovered the tweet was “not linked” to Carrallo’s Instagram.

“Someone used his Twitter to promote an R&B nightclub because he was famous at the time. He said someone else wrote it to promote it,” Al Madani said.

Sara Al Medani, Lesa Milan, Chanel Ayan, Andy Cohen, Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Brooks and Nina Ali pose together at the "Real Housewives of Dubai" meeting.
Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan weren’t happy that Stanbury and Carrallo didn’t talk to them about the tweet.
Zach Dilgard/Bravo

However, best friends Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan seemed less than happy with the conversation, claiming that Stanbury never discussed it with them or as a group.

Stanbury and Carrallo tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in December 2021, which was filmed for the show, at the Palm resort in Dubai. The couple had to fly to Mauritius in East Africa three weeks before the celebration to legally marry.

The Real Housewives of Dubai - Season 1

Stanbury and Carrallo said “I do” in front of Bravo cameras.

Tanya Rex/Bravo

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Stanbury and Carrallo said “I do” in front of Bravo cameras.

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Part 2 of the “Real Housewives of Dubai” reunion airs Wednesday, September 7 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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