Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis Were In The Room When She Died

Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved corgi lay with her as she lay on her deathbed, according to a new report.

The royal puppies, Muick and Sandy, were “in the room” with the monarch when she died Sept. 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, palace sources told the Daily Mail.

Muick and Sandy also made the hearts of mourners swell when they appeared next to Prince Andrew in front of Windsor Castle in England at the late Queen’s funeral on September 19, where they waited for the hearse containing their late owner.

The Duke of York, who will now care for the corgis, attended his mother’s funeral at Westminster Abbey before petting his new pets outside.

Andrew, 62, donated Muick – named after Loch Muick on the Queen’s much-loved Balmoral property – to the monarch, along with another corgi named Fergus, to cheer her up when her husband, Prince Philip, died in March 2021. hospital lay.


Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis were with her when she died at Balmoral Castle.

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Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis were with her when she died at Balmoral Castle.


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Philip passed away at the age of 99 in April 2021 and Fergus passed away just a few months later. Princess Beatrice then found Sandy and gave the puppy to her grandmother as a replacement.

Prince William confirmed the day before her state funeral that the Queen’s last living corgis were doing well.

“I saw them recently,” the 40-year-old Prince of Wales told a mourner. “They are well looked after. They are two very friendly corgis. They have a good home. They are very well looked after.”

The Queen’s beloved pony, named Carlton Lima Emma, ​​was also seen in the grounds of Windsor Castle during Her Majesty’s final journey to St. George’s Chapel.

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