Pregnant Kelly Osbourne defends decision not to breastfeed

Pregnant Kelly Osbourne has yet to welcome her baby, but she’s already ashamed of her decision not to breastfeed

“I have chosen to stay on my medication rather than breastfeed and the judgment I have received from my friends and extended family as well [is wild]’ said the ‘Osbournes’ alum in Wednesday’s episode ‘Red Table Talk’.

While the former reality star has often been told that she’s “going to miss that bonding period,” she shrugs off the comments.

“I’m like, ‘Don’t you think I know?'” Osbourne, 37, said. “What kind of mother will I be if I start to deteriorate, if I start to become self-destructive?”

The “Fashion Police” alumnus explained that she has already learned that she “cannot pay attention” to other people’s opinions.


The “Osbournes” alum has decided to keep taking her medication instead of breastfeeding.

Red Table Talk/Facebook


The “Osbournes” alum has decided to keep taking her medication instead of breastfeeding.

Red Table Talk/Facebook

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“It has to be what’s best for me, what’s best for my baby,” Osbourne said.

Earlier in the episode, the star-to-be gushed about her impending arrival — despite acknowledging that pregnancy is “one of the roughest, weirdest, wildest” experiences she’s ever had.

Kelly Osbourne
The star-to-be “can’t pay attention” to haters.

The “really hormonal” actress said she has gained a newfound “respect” for her mother, Sharon Osbourne.

She and boyfriend Sid Wilson announced in May that their first child is on the way.

“I know I’ve been very quiet the past few months, so I thought I’d tell you all why,” Osbourne told her Instagram followers at the time. “I’m overjoyed to announce that I’m going to be a mom.

“Saying I’m happy isn’t quite right. I am ecstatic!” she concluded.

The performance of “Red Table Talk” was one of the few times Osbourne has given a glimpse of her baby bump.

Prior to the interview, the “Project Runway Junior” judges showed off her budding belly at a family celebration in May and on what appeared to be a babymoon three months later.

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