Post Malone has daughter’s initials tattooed on his face

Post Malone isn’t done adding to his extensive tattoo collection yet.

The face, torso and arms of the “Congratulations” rapper are already covered in ink – and his latest tattoo has a particularly special meaning.

On Monday, tattoo artist Chad Rowe posted a photo of his latest work: the letters “DDP” in a large Gothic font on Malone’s forehead, which, according to TMZ, happen to be the initials of the musician’s daughter.

“It’s been a few years since @postmalone and I were able to connect. So when he was in town we had to make it happen. It really never feels real. And for the confidence of such and important tattoo is a tremendous honour,” Rowe wrote.

Post also appears to have the same initials tattooed under his right eye.

Post Malone face tattoo
The star added a new face tattoo to his collection.

The hitmaker of “Rockstar” is, of course, no stranger to facing tattoos; he has the words “always tired” under his eyes and “stay away” on his forehead, along with designs that include barbed wire, a Playboy rabbit, a huge medieval gauntlet and flail, a bloody circular saw and more, all on his mug.

Although Malone (real name Austin Richard Post) hasn’t revealed his daughter’s name yet, she already inspires him in other ways. In June, he launched a children’s merchandise for ‘little rock stars’, shortly after becoming a father himself.

Post revealed that he was expecting his first child in May 2022. In June, he shared that he not only welcomed a daughter, but also proposed to his girlfriend, whose identity he also wanted to keep private.

Maybe Posty will eventually share one (or both) names in another tattoo.

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