Paige Lorenze Accuses Tyler Cameron Of ‘Using’ Her For Followers

Paige Lorenze claimed her ex Tyler Cameron told her he needed “a scandal” before they debuted their surprise novel.

“This may sound narcissistic because he has a pretty insane following, but I felt like he was using me,” she told former “Call Her Daddy” co-host Sofia Franklin on her podcast “Sofia With An F. “

Lorenze added that she felt that “he wanted a media storm”.

“He looked at my” [Instagram] Story views and I got more views than him and he said, ‘I need a scandal,'” she claimed.

Lorenze, 24, who previously dated controversial country singer Morgan Wallen and disgraced actor Armie Hammer, explained that the pair initially met through mutual friends because they “went to all the same parties.”

“I was like ‘this guy is a smoke show,’ he’s big, athletic and hot.”

Tyler Cameron, Paige Lorenze
The former couple had been in a relationship for less than two months earlier this year.

The model, 24, also noted that there was “s–t in the media” [her] relationships’, probably referring to her divorce from Wallen.

“I think he saw an opportunity – not that he didn’t like me – but I think that’s why he wanted to go public so quickly,” she claimed, insinuating that Cameron wanted media attention because he was “launching something soon”.

Tyler Cameron
Cameron announced their split on national television.

The former “Bachelor” contestant, 29, who finished runner-up on Hannah Brown’s 2019 season of the series, began dating Lorenze in early July, Vidak For Congress exclusively revealed.

Later we got the first pictures of them kissing as they strolled around New York City, but less than two months later they stopped.

Paige Lorenze
Lorenze claimed that Cameron used the relationship to create a media frenzy.

Much to Lorenze’s surprise, Cameron announced their split on national television.

“We actually had to take a step back. It wasn’t the right time. It was not good for us. So we’re back not dating anymore,” he said during an appearance on E!’s “Daily Pop” last month.

Cameron added that he and Lorenze “both have tons of respect and love for each other” despite the divorce.

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