Ambitious Elden Ring Mod Is a Great Warmup For Shadow Of The Erdtree 2023

Modification, and by extension, modders, are limitless. Whether it’s addressing overlooked bugs in popular games, providing ludicrous new character models, or simply offering a new perspective on cherished gameplay, modifications are an excellent way to breathe new life into a game you’re already extremely familiar with. And if that game is Elden Ring, today’s update to a big mod may have you yearning to download it.

Elden Ring Reforged (ERR) is a marvelously ambitious modification for the smash-hit, game-of-the-year-winning FromSoft game that has made us all delighted to die repeatedly since its release on February 25 of last year. Reforged modifies Elden Ring’s main mechanics, such as opponent hitboxes, and adds new features, such as a bestiary, additional player movement choices, a New Game Plus mode, and, prepare yourselves, some difficulty options. The quantity of options aims to make battle “fair, but yet tough,” according to the Nexus page for this modification. It continues by stating, “It is not a matter of ‘easier’ or ‘harder’ battle, but of more engaging and balanced combat.”

Improved spells, new progression, improved navigation, and other enhancements

Recent enhancements to the mod include a brand-new advancement system. Find Rune Pieces concealed across the planet and deliver them to Finger Reader Enia to get access to the system. They will grant you access to passive buffs that modify spell cost, movement speed, and poise damage, among other things. There are more choices for rune advancement in the mod’s New Game Plus mode and after reaching level 200.

In addition to the mod’s expanded gameplay features, such as the ability to deflect strikes, the update increases the damage of jump attacks conducted at heights exceeding three meters. The Longtail Cat Talisman has also been modified to disable landing animations while falling from great heights, which, according to the patch notes, gives “faster traversal” and “increases the damage of plunge attacks.”

And if you’re like icy sorcery, the update includes two new spells: Glintstone Snowdrift and Moonchill (which should almost surely be the name of a new chillhop group). The hitboxes for Freezing Lightning Spear, Burn O Flame!, and Death Lightning, among others, have been increased in size. Further changes to current spells are detailed in the patch notes.

Installation of Elden Ring Reforged (and why you should never play online with it)

Interested in Elden Ring Reforged but have never installed a mod before? Now, I can guarantee you that installing a mod is far simpler than playing this game, but let’s get one thing out of the way: Elden Ring modifications can only be played offline. As you may already be aware, most anti-cheat software will detect modifications since they alter the playing field in online games. Hence, if you do not wish to risk getting into trouble, refrain from doing the following. Start the game without any modifications and disable online mode in the game’s settings. Then you may exit the game, install the mod, and restart it (but keep it in offline mode).

To install Reforged, Mod Engine 2 must be downloaded first. It’s pretty unusual for novice modders to need to download additional modifications or utility tools to make it function. It will urge you to download Mod Engine 2 from Github if you attempt to download the mod through Nexus Mods. Download it, follow the instructions, and use it to install the Reforged mod, and you’ll be all set.

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