Michael Sheen criticizes the timing of King Charles’ visit to Wales

Michael Sheen has criticized King Charles III’s decision to visit Wales for the first time since his ascension on September 16, a historic day for the country.

The Welsh-born actor explained on Twitter On Friday, the royal’s stop in Cardiff, Wales, fell on Owain Glyndŵr Day and could be considered “insensitive” if the date was chosen on purpose.

Owain Glyndŵr Day commemorates the day in 1400 when Glyndŵr started a 15-year rebellion against the then King of England, Henry IV, after which his followers proclaimed him Prince of Wales.

The uprising is considered by many Welsh people to be the last Welsh War of Independence and Glyndŵr is seen as a symbol of Welsh nationalism and the independence movement.

“To choose September 16 to come to Wales after only recently announcing that he had created his son, William, as the new Prince of Wales and to choose this day September 16 to come here as his first visit as king seems full of meaning,” Sheen explained.

“The Queen” actor, 53, began the video by expressing his “sincere condolences to Charles and his family on the loss of their mother, grandmother and anyone else who feels such a deep emotion and sense of that loss” , before going into a short history of Wales.

He went on to say that if the visit was purposely scheduled for Sept. 16, it could be considered “impervious to insult”.

King Charles and Queen Consort in Wales.
King Charles passed on the title of Prince of Wales to Prince William.
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Or: “If it was done without realizing the meaning of the date, then you wonder what it actually meant to be Prince of Wales for so long when you don’t know what that day means.”

Sheen added that he wanted to support those who noted that the “irony” of traditional Welsh celebrations was being canceled to accommodate King Charles’ visit.

Last week, the newly anointed monarch declared that Prince William, 40, and his wife Kate Middleton, 40, would take the titles of the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

Michael Scheen.
Sheen was born in Wales and currently lives in Baglan, Wales.
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The royal couple released a statement following the announcement in which they spoke of their “deep affection” for Wales. The couple lived in Anglesey, Wales, between 2011 and 2013, while the Prince underwent Royal Air Force training.

Although the King and Queen Camilla were greeted warmly by crowds in Cardiff, a movement is underway in the country calling for an end to the title of the Prince of Wales.

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