Megan Fox Gives Machine Gun Kelly ‘Wild’ Makeup Look On Instagram Live

Who needs a professional glamor team?

Machine Gun Kelly ordered his fiancée Megan Fox and his assistant Olivia Stone to give him a makeover on Instagram Live Monday night.

But while MGK, 32, asked for something inspired by “Avatar”, Doja Cat and the year 3050, his female love went in a different direction and gave him “an Egyptian eye” instead.

“This cover is fucking wild. This looks fucking crazy,” lamented the ‘Emo Girl’ rocker halfway through his beauty transformation, which 15,000 of his followers tuned in to watch.

“I look like Towelie in ‘South Park’ after doing a whippet,” he added.

Fox, 36, wanted to give her beauty a “glamor beat” complete with a contoured nose and fake lashes, but he had beauty goals of his own.

“I told me to look like 3050! Give me blood coming out of my nose. I don’t want eyelashes,” he protested.

Machine Gun Kelly was scammed by fiancé Megan Fox.

As Fox and Stone worked their magic, MGK called out “insecure internet guys” who criticized his glamour, calling them “bitch-ass motherf-kers”.

mgk and Megan Fox and his assistant
Both Fox’s assistant and MGK worked their magic.

And while the 32-year-old “Forget Me Too” hitmaker had reservations as he put on his makeup, he seemed happy with the finished product, which included “tiger stripes” made with liquid liner.

“This is an atmosphere. This looks like ‘Avatar’… I don’t even know what the hell you did, but yeah, this is awesome,” he said.

The rocker “Mainstream Sellout” is currently on tour with the star of “Jennifer’s Body” and his 13-year-old daughter, Casie.

During the Live, MGK joked that if his teen ever wanted to cheer up her dad, “it’s open season.”

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