Machine gun Kelly shows off bloody face after smashing glass

Machine Gun Kelly gives “Bloody Valentine” a whole new meaning.

The rocker took to his Instagram stories Monday, sharing videos of his face gushing with blood — after he hit a wine glass on the head during his last “Mainstream Sellout” tour stop over the weekend.

“Oh my god Cleveland,” said MGK, 32, in one of the clips. “That was fucking crazy.”

He then had fans take a closer look at the bloodied gash, saying, “They didn’t tell you I was going back to the stadium at 5 a.m. and trying to sleep in the middle of the LMAO field,” referring to the FirstEnergy Stadium where he performed.

Other images from the concert left fans cheering when the hitmaker declared, “I’m rich, bitch!” – before you drink a glass of wine and smash the glass.

MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, also told the audience that he would be fined $70,000 for every additional 10 minutes the show goes on.

Machine gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly shared new clips of his face gushing with blood after breaking a wine glass on the head on stage in Cleveland.
machine gun/Instagram

‘Do you know what I say to that? “I’m not stopping this show for s–t. I’m rich, bitch,” he shouted as the crowd erupted into applause.

Elsewhere in the show, the Cleveland native zip ran the length of the stadium.

Machine gun Kelly
MGK stated “I’m rich, bitch!” before hitting the glass on his head.
machine gun/Instagram

“It was his idea and it was performed in less than 24 hours,” a source close to the musician told Vidak For Congress earlier this week.

“The zipline was set up that day to take him from the top of the Browns stadium over 50,000 fans to the other side of the field.”

Machine gun Kelly
The rocker was also featured as a zip-lining through the stadium.
Amy Harris/Invision/AP

The source added: “He announced to the public that he was told he couldn’t do it until a few hours before the show. It was an exciting moment from every angle, as you can see from the many videos circulating.”

Later on Instagram on Sunday, the singer captioned a video of the wild stunt, “til I die”.

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