Martha Stewart created merch with oyster and lobster selfies

Selfie today, tee tomorrow.

Martha Stewart loves an ironic Instagram post and now two of her recent foodie moments have been turned into T-shirts.

Launching Saturday by hypebeast clothing brand Anti Social Social Club, the capsule collection features two hilarious T-shirts and hoodies featuring images of the lifestyle guru eating lobster and oysters.

Stewart, 80, announced the partnership on Instagram yesterday, writing: “my anti-social social club @antisocialsocialclub t-shirts and hoodies (2 images and 2 styles and 2 colors) will drop July 30 at 11 a.m. ET and 8 a.m. PT .Get ready. set your clocks!!!! they will be sold out!!!!!!!”

The lobster t-shirt features Martha’s Instagram snap along with “Anti Social Social Club” scribbled over the photo in bright pink.

The lobster shirt features a photo of Stewart — which she posted to Instagram on May 30 — wearing a navy blue velvet top and smiling at the camera as she holds up her dinner.

Her post caused one fan to comment, “Martha Antoinette,” while writing, “home cooked lobsters. $14.00 pounds. lobster industry stressed. but dinner was delicious.”

As for the second image, which was posted in June by photographer Douglas Friedman, the cookbook author makes a sensuous face while holding an oyster to her lips — and, for good measure, wears a pair of oversized, dangling pearl earrings.

Martha Stewart oyster
Stewart’s sexy oyster click is accentuated with “Martha Stewart Anti Social Social Club.”

Each design is available in white or black in a T-shirt or hoodie style, with the hoodie featuring “Anti Social Social Club” written in glossy lettering on the back, featuring the “O” featuring Martha Stewart’s logo. Sweatshirts cost $84.69 while T-shirts cost $52.69.

“The collection is sure to sell out as Martha, the face of the collection, continues to cultivate the hype around celebrity logo T-shirts and sweatshirts,” the brand said in a press release, calling Stewart “an instantly recognizable pop culture symbol.”

Martha Stewart
The back of Stewart’s new hoodie design.

Of course, this isn’t Martha’s first foray into clothing; her Martha Stewart clothing line has been available for years at retailers like Walmart and QVC.

In other Martha news, the entrepreneur shared a sad update this weekend, announcing that her peacocks had been “devoured” in a coyote attack.

“RIP beautiful BlueBoy,” she wrote on Instagram, posting a video of the dear deceased bird. “The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others, including the magnificent White Boy.”

Fortunately, it’s only four days until you can get your hands on one of these shirts; in the meantime, we wait for a T-shirt showing her thirst trap by the pool.

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