Maren Morris defends getting ‘heated’ amid Brittany, Jason Aldean feud

Maren Morris defended getting “heated” and “extremely emotional” in her online feud with Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean.

The country singer, who flipped back the make-up artist’s transphobic post in August, said in a GLAAD interview on Thursday that her comments came “from a good place.”

She explained, “I don’t think you can always do this with sunshine and rainbows.

“I think you have to have difficult conversations so that people can understand what’s going on,” continued Morris, 32. “You can save someone’s life by having the right information.”

Maren Morris defended that she became “extremely emotional” over Brittany Aldean’s transphobic comments.
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The songwriter noted that it’s important for her to “correct” discourse that “is completely untrue about trans youth and gender-affirming care and what it actually entails.”

The Grammy winner said: “It’s not like we’re talking about what your favorite color is. We’re talking about people’s lives. … It’s very sensitive.”

Maren Morris
Standing up for LGBTQ issues isn’t all “sun and rainbows,” the country singer said.

Morris added that she wants her fans to feel “safe” at her shows and know where she “stands” on LGBTQ issues.

The musician made headlines last month for calling Jason’s wife a “scumbag human” after Brittany made a transphobic comment in an Instagram reel.

“I want to say a big thank you to my parents for not changing my gender as I went through my tomboy phase,” the former cheerleader wrote in a makeup video at the time. “I love this girly life.”

Morris advised Brittany via Twitter to “sell your clip-ins and zip it”, join compatriot Cassadee Pope in slamming the 34-year-old “American Idol” alum’s social media upload.

Jason, 45, intervened to defend his partner and was subsequently ousted by his PR agency.

Morris is currently unsure if she will feel “comfortable” attending the CMAs.
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Last week, Morris told the Los Angeles Times that she might not feel “comfortable” attending the Country Music Association Awards alongside the “She’s Country” singer and his wife.

“I don’t know if I feel [at] right there at home,” said the American Music Award winner in the Sept. 20 interview. “I feel a little at peace with the idea that I’m not going.”

Morris was not intended to “provoke a riot” with her comments, she clarified on Thursday, explaining that they are only “protecting [her] room.”

“Do I feel like three hours that night? [I want to] do you have a weird energy with people?” she asked. “I don’t know.”

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