Coolio ‘very happy’ and ‘concerned’ days before death

Coolio appeared happy and healthy at the Houston airport just days before his unexpected death.

The “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper stopped by last Friday to pose for selfies and mingle with fans, TMZ reported. One of those fans named Mika told the outlet that Coolio was “very happy to take some pictures, laugh and be very engaging.”

Mika added that the late performer even invited her and her friends to his “I Love the ’90s” show in Cyprus, Texas that night, and he got them all on a VIP list.

Unfortunately, the group was unable to attend as it was “too far” and understandably regret the decision as it would turn out to be their last live performance.

Rapper Vanilla Ice also performed that night, later telling TMZ that he was “still in shock and panic” over his friend’s passing. He told the outlet that the pair hung out in Ice’s dressing room after the set and that Coolio appeared to be in excellent shape.

coolio performing on stage
Later that night, he appeared in what would be his last performance.
Mason Wayne/YouTube

“See you tomorrow, buddy,” was the last thing Coolio said to Ice.

The “Rollin’ With My Homies” rapper died on Wednesday, his longtime manager confirmed. He was 59. Coolio was found on the floor of a friend’s bathroom in Los Angeles, and when paramedics arrived, they performed CPR on him for 45 minutes – to no avail.

coolio performance
The rapper “Gangsta’s Paradise” was 59 when he died.
Getty Images

The “West Up!” the artist’s official cause of death is still pending, although EMTs reportedly suspected cardiac arrest.

He leaves behind his six children and ex-wife Josefa Salina, whom he married in 1996. Four years later, the former couple called it quits.

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