Madison LeCroy Predicts the Fate of ‘Southern Charm’ Couples

Southern Charm stars Madison LeCroy and Venita Aspen see a future for Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo, but Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green are a different story.

“Taylor loves Shep more than Shep loves Taylor,” Aspen, 28, told Vidak For Congress exclusively.

LeCroy, 31, agrees, noting that Rose, 41, and Green, 27, got “rule #1 wrong.”

“Always take a man who loves you more,” she advises.

Rose hit it off with Green after she joked about shark sex on a night out at Sullivan’s Island bar in South Carolina. The two became Instagram official in May 2020.

Aspen tells us that Green is “halfway through” in love and “would do anything for Shep anytime,” while Rose “is like ‘Whatever’.”

Madison LeCroy sitting in a bush.
Madison LeCroy weighs in on the future of her “Southern Charm” co-stars’ relationships.

LeCroy, meanwhile, jokes that Green, who has been trying out new glasses in recent episodes, should be able to see Rose’s true intentions.

‘Man, can’t she see right through these bulls? Because I do,” she says, quickly adding that she is “the last one to judge” with her previous tumultuous relationship with co-star Austen Kroll.

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose cuddle in a bar while making silly faces.
LeCroy says Taylor Ann Green should see through Shep Rose’s bulls-t.

Aspen also laughs it off, admitting she doesn’t even “have a man” right now.

However, when it comes to Conover, 34, and DeSorbo, 29, both stars agree that the pair are perfect for each other.

Venita Aspen poses for her "Southern charm" promotional photo.
Venita Aspen jokingly admits that because she is single, she may not be the best person to talk about other people’s relationships.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“They just work really well together,” Aspen says.

“Your parents always say, ‘Find someone who complements you,’ and, like, the way they just complement each other — you can’t ask for anything better, you know?”

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo are sitting on a beach.
Both LeCroy and Aspen think Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo will go far.

LeCroy notes that DeSorbo, who also stars in “Summer House,” understands what it’s like to be in public, which likely helps her relationship with Conover.

“I think it works really well because it’s hard to date someone who doesn’t understand what you’re going through,” says LeCroy. “I think they can piggyback on that, and I think they’re doing a good job. And Paige is actually really cool. … I love it.”

Madison LeCroy poses for a "Southern charm" promo photo.
LeCroy says she has always known Conover as “loyal” to his girlfriends.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

LeCroy adds that throughout her 12-year friendship with Conover, he’s been “a very loyal man when it comes to his relationships,” so she “can see that forever.”

Conover and DeSorbo met while he was visiting the Hamptons with Kroll, 35, and Rose, but because of their relationship status at the time, they didn’t officially start dating until last fall.

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo pose at "Watch live what's happening."
LeCroy gives her stamp of approval to DeSorbo.
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While Conover and DeSorbo seem to be going strong, Rose and Green first got into a relationship when he admitted to drunkenly kissing an “old flame” while they were dating.

However, Green decided to stay with Rose because she still loved him.

A selfie of Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose.
Rose joked that his girlfriend is too nice for reality TV.

Rose previously admitted to Vidak For Congress that he and Green had some hiccups while filming season 8 of “Southern Charm.”

†[This season] took my toll [relationship]’ he admitted to us. “It was just difficult. I mean, when you’re filming too, there’s a little bit of anxiety. You want everything to go well, and if you try too hard, things usually explode in your face, and that’s about what happened. I saw the train coming, and I just ran into it instead of running away from it.”

“Southern Charm” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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