Kim Kardashian ‘very sad’ about Pete Davidson’s breakup

Kim Kardashian has the breakup blues.

The reality star is “very sad” about her split from Pete Davidson last week, a source told Vidak For Congress exclusively.

Our insider says it’s been “hard” for Kardashian, 41, who dated Davidson, 28, for nine months.

We were told that “distance and schedules” contributed to the couple’s decision to break up, but they “love and respect each other”.

The “Kardashians” star will always take care of the “Saturday Night Live” alum and “have his back,” shares our source.

Another insider previously told us that while both parties are “stunned” that their romance fell through, they aren’t terribly shocked.

“Pete knew it wouldn’t work,” the second source said. “He’s been saying it for a while—and Kim knew it, too.”

Kim Kardashian looks gloomy.
Kim Kardashian is “very sad” about her split with Pete Davidson, a source tells Vidak For Congress.
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A third insider told us that the duo’s age difference played a part in why they broke up.

With 13 years between them, the third source explained that they are “just in very different places right now”.

Kim Kardashian hugs Pete Davidson at a restaurant.
We’re told the breakup has been “hard” for the reality star.

Davidson has spent much of his summer working on a film in Australia, while Kardashian juggles her businesses and co-parents her four young children with ex-husband Kanye West in Los Angeles.

Now the beauty mogul has the added stress of dealing with West’s latest social media antics.

Kim Kardashian kisses Pete Davidson as he lies on the floor.
The two had been in a relationship for nine months and broke up last week.
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

On Monday morning, three days after news of Kete’s breakup broke, the 45-year-old “Gold Digger” rapper posted an image to Instagram of a forged New York Times front page article with the headline: “SKETE DAVIDSON DEATH ON 28 AGE. “

It wasn’t the first time West — who dubbed Davidson “Skete” during their one-sided feud earlier this year — invoked the comedian’s death, leaving Kardashian “enraged”.

“Kanye is back to his old ways and Kim doesn’t tolerate his bullying behavior towards the people she loves and cares about,” an insider told us, adding that the insignificant move only reinforces “why there’s never a chance for reconciliation.” will be” between the former couple, who became legally single in March.

Another source shared with us that Kardashian asked West several times to delete the post before finally doing so on Monday afternoon.

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