Kim Kardashian thinks you need a pair of swimming gloves

“Glove” or hate it, Kim Kardashian is still going out of her way to make swimable hand covers.

The reality star’s latest Skims swimwear includes elbow-length swim gloves ($48) in seven different colors to match the new suits on offer — and they sell out surprisingly fast.

The Skims site promises that the “trend-setting” opera-style accessories “will instantly enhance your swim look” and “make a sexy splash wherever you go.”

Sizes range from XXS to 4X, and the mittens come in nude, black, brown, white and even hot pink variants, with the latest Bella Poarch models starring in the brand’s new campaign.

Kardashian, 41, has been pushing the look since January, when she styled black gloves with a matching swim top and bottoms during a tropical vacation. The following month, she paired a leather bikini with Chanel gloves for a dip in the pool.

In May, she even covered the 2022 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in a nude pair that matched her fibrous Skims two-piece perfectly.

Kim Kardashian in swimming gloves
Kardashian covered SI Swim in sultry swim gloves and a matching bikini.
Illustrated Sports

But some on social media are not sold on the 10-finger trend.

“Kim K officially sells ‘swim gloves’ for almost $50 that usually sell out already, and I know some of you are about to get the spiciest tan lines…,” one person tweeted; another shared a similar feeling about wearing the hairstyle in the sun, suggest“call it a #Kardashian tan instead of calling it a redneck tan or a farm brown.”

Kim Kardashian's Swim Gloves
Can Kardashian convince you to put on a pair of swimming gloves?

wrote a third: “Kim needs to stop trying to make ‘swim gloves’ into something. IT’S NOT A THING, it’s weird.”

If nothing else, there’s now a way to build sandcastles on the beach without getting your paws dirty.

bella poorch swimming in skims
TikToker Bella Poarch tried out the style herself during a Skims Swim shoot.

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