Kelly Rowland Condemns Sesame Place’s ‘Ridiculous’ Apology

Kelly Rowland rejected Sesame Place’s “ridiculous” apology after a viral video showed an artist appearing to be ignoring two black children.

“I’m still upset,” Rowland told “Entertainment Tonight” on Monday about the clip, which was shot on Sesame Place Philadelphia and made the rounds on social media over the weekend. “I was furious.”

The mother of two added: ‘Did you see that ridiculous apology they had? Seeing this was an extension of what I grew up learning about Sesame Street and Sesame Square, but I don’t know what place I saw.

“It made two beautiful little girls feel like they just weren’t there.”

The Destiny’s Child alum doubled down on her social media comments she posted over the weekend, telling ET she “would have burned the place down” if they were her kids.

Two young black girls.
Two young black girls are ignored by a performer in a Rosita costume on Sesame Place Philadelphia.

She concluded that she no longer wanted to bring the scandal to the fore, “but those little girls deserve an apology.”

Over the weekend, a video showed a performer in a Rosita costume appearing to be ignoring two black girls as they excitedly jumped up and down and waved at the character.

Screenshot of the viral clip
A video of the incident went viral on social media over the weekend.

As the two young girls waited for a high-five or hug, the character seems to shake his head and walk away.

The mother of the two young girls released a statement on Instagram, writing: “I want to thank you all for your kind words and support, because this is something big for me.”

Kelly Rowland on Instagram.
Rowland was upset by the viral clip and shared her thoughts via Instagram.

She continued: ‘I’m angry! Please believe I won’t be quiet about this blatant disrespect for my babies @sesameplace trust me I’m not done yet.”

Sesame Workshop reached out to the mother of the two children and released a statement to address the viral incident.

    Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland, 41, is the mother of two young boys: Titan Weatherspoon, 7, and Noah Weatherspoon, 1.
AFP via Getty Images

“We have been in contact with Sesame Place, our licensed park partner, and they have assured us that they will provide bias training and provide a thorough evaluation of the ways they interact with families and guests,” the statement read.

Sesame Place also issued a formal apology, claiming that Rosita’s dismissive gestures were not intended specifically for the two girls and that the performer was not intentionally bypassing them.

Rowland – who shares sons Titan, 7 and Noah, 1 with husband Tim Weatherspoon – originally took to Instagram to express her disappointment and anger at Sesame Street and Place.

“Had it been me, that whole parade would have gone up in flames,” said Rowland, 41, with a small chuckle.

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