Julia Fox’s barely there latex outfit is mostly cutouts

Julia Fox is at it again.

The “Uncut Gems” star stepped out on Thursday to run errands in Los Angeles, wearing a barely there latex outfit that revealed more skin than it hid.

Fox showed off her abs, legs, hips, bum and plunging neckline in the shiny two-piece set, held together with metal rings and made up mostly of cutouts rather than real material.

She wore a Balenciaga bag and accessories with matching latex heels, with her now signature dramatic black eyeliner.

It’s been a few weeks out of the spotlight for Fox, who recently set social media on fire with dangerously low pants that she later revealed had to “shave.”

Julia Fox
The look was held together by metal rings and showed off tons of skin.
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“There’s more to life than chasing an impossible beauty standard projected onto me by insecure celebrities with the ultimate goal of pleasing men,” Fox said in defense of the controversial outfit, adding that people who don’t understand “mentally to be lazy.

Fans seemed to approve of her latest look, with one tweet“Julia Fox woke up and said, ‘You bitches can never do that,'” while another wrote“she’s back! and packed in garbage bags and wire hangers!”

Julia Fox
The star burst out of the body-hugging look.
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Other recent standout looks from Fox include a leather jacket that really caught fire, pants that cinched the bum at the back, a DIY top and skirt set made from a cut Hanes tank, and more.

She even stepped out in nothing but Alexander Wang underwear to run errands in May, proving that not just the sidewalk is her runway, but the store is her bedroom.

Julia Fox
Fox wore her signature dramatic eyeliner look.
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