Julia Fox fizzes in fiery ‘pyrocoat’

did did she light the fire?

Over the weekend, Julia Fox posted a video to Instagram in which she models a black coat with an elongated, sweeping train — which appears to be actively going up and up in smoke.

“My son was conceived on this roof 🤫,” the 32-year-old fashion record captioned the clip, adding that the fiery, aptly named “pyrocoat” was the creation of aspiring fashion designer Sam Macer, while her look was styled by Briana Andalusia .

The approximately 25-second clip, created by artist Ben Draghi, is set to “Char” by Crystal Castles. The camera first pans over the garment’s smoldering train before arriving at Fox, who wears a textured black leotard and knee-high stiletto boots beneath her red-hot piece de resistance.

Moments later, her sleeves also seem to catch fire.

Fox wore a textured leotard and knee-high stiletto boots under the pyro piece.

The designer exclusively revealed the pyrotechnic mechanisms behind the look to Vidak For Congress Style.

“The jacket is leather and the sleeves and train are wrapped in stretched steel wool typically used by carpenters and mechanics,” Macer said.

“As the pieces burn, the steel wool decomposes during the combustion process and the underwear is exposed as it burns away. But it burns at a low temperature which makes it possible to have close to the body,” he continued.

The clip ends with Fox's sleeves apparently also bursting into flames.
The clip ends with Fox’s sleeves apparently also bursting into flames.

The 21-year-old Central Saint Martins alum also clarified that, when it comes to the physical coat itself, the sparks can fly more than once. “The covers and liners allow the pieces to be burned multiple times,” he said, adding that each item will still “need to repack the steel wool between each burn.”

In an Instagram posted in March, Spanish pop star Rosalía was also spotted donning the smoldering overcoat.

Meanwhile, Fox has recently become something of a fashion icon, using the international exposure she has gained with Kanye West since her early 2022 to promote emerging designers and other creatives.

In the past few months, she’s been seen sporting a booty-baring look from Alejandre and a thong bikini-style top with flame decals across her breasts by Sex, among other metaphorically scorching styles.

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