Julia Fox says weight loss inspired her signature eye makeup

Julia Fox plays up her peepers instead of her behind.

The muse “Uncut Gems” covers the fall 2022 issue of Highsnobiety magazine in quintessential traffic-calming style, featuring a buckled leather look, complete with a latex mask and towering studded platforms, along with her now signature dramatic eye makeup.

While the former dominatrix, 32, rocked a sleek burgundy shade and matching pencil brows for her shoot, she’s best known for her trademark “Fox eye” — the exaggerated inky black winged look she debuted at Paris Fashion Week with then-boyfriend Kanye. West in January.

While it’s been speculated that the “Donda” rapper was behind her daring beauty look, it was actually the work of master makeup artist Pat McGrath, and came about because of Fox’s waning curves.

“Look, I lost weight being so busy, and my butt went away,” the actress told the outlet. “And so I had to focus on my next best feature – my eyes.”

Fox, who made her feature film debut in 2019’s “Gems” sporting a more voluptuous figure, has said she’s lost 15 pounds in the month she dated West, 45.

“I already had a packed life. How do I fit this really great personality into this already full life? It just wasn’t sustainable,” she told the New York Times in March, just a few weeks after the couple broke up in February.

Julia Fox in "Uncut Gemstones"
Fox made her big screen debut in “Uncut Gems” in 2019.
Courtesy of Everett Collection

While the Grammy winner showered Fox with designer duds and donated five Birkin bags to the star and her friends at her birthday party during the couple’s whirlwind romance, the split clearly hasn’t cramped her style as her fearless fashion statements are captured. by paparazzi on an almost daily basis – often because she has called them herself.

“[West] was the first person I ever saw mention the paparazzi or stage situations. I never would have done that,” she told Highsnobiety. “Self-promotion. shameless. Don’t be ashamed to call the paparazzi. When I heard about celebrities doing that, I was snobbish about it. ‘What losers. LOL.’ But now I’m like, ‘No, that’s how it works.’ It’s not the most flattering thing to admit. But it’s the f—king truth — and they all do it.”

Unlike some stars, Fox chooses to use the power of the pops to promote up-and-coming fashion talent.

“I can get a picture taken that’s going to be reblogged a few times, and this designer gets put on and I’m going to look great in this awesome outfit. I wear their stuff and then they get their first post in Vogue or something. It’s a win-win.Things like that give me fuel because it’s like I can do something good with this,” she said.

“I would never do Dolce & Gabbana ‘fit and call the paparazzi’ from head to toe. Like, what an asshole.”

Kanye West and Julia Fox at Paris Fashion Week
Fox and West were in a relationship for about six weeks in early 2022.
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