Julia Fox had to ‘shave around’ those extremely low pants

No matter what.

After Julia Fox stepped out in dangerously low leather pants last weekend, the “Uncut Gems” actress revealed she needed special grooming before hitting the streets of New York City.

On Tuesday, Fox, 32, took to Instagram to share that she had to “shave” the low-slung style to avoid showing off even more than she intended.

She also said there was only “one hook” holding up her striking Liza Keane pants, which she paired with a black bikini top and beachy waves.

Fox also posted a TikTok praising her bold appearance.

Kanye West’s ex has been known to push fashion boundaries every time she leaves the house, but made it clear in her Instagram story that when she chooses to show some skin, it’s not for the “purpose of dating men.” please’.

Julia Fox
The “Uncut Gems” star has embraced the heat wave by showing off some skin in recent weeks.
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“There’s more to life than chasing an impossible beauty standard projected onto me by insecure celebrities with the ultimate goal of pleasing men,” she continued, defending her controversial outfit, adding that people who don’t understand “mentally to be lazy.

While not everyone loves Fox’s over-the-top style, that never stops the actress from pushing the boundaries. This summer, the ‘PVT Chat’ star has pulled out all the stops on optical illusion couture, flaming bikini tops and underwear styled as daywear, just to name a few recent bold looks.

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