Intel unveils 13th-generation Core vPro platform 2023

Thursday, Intel revealed its newest vPro hardware platform, which is supported by the whole lineup of 13th Generation Intel Core CPUs. The vPro remote business management platform is a collection of hardware features, including numerous process and security enhancements, that have been pushed out on commercial laptops, desktops, and entry-level workstations manufactured by Intel partners.

Intel’s new vPro business platform features

The vPro series is an umbrella word for Intel’s CPUs and chipsets that contain hardware. The primary role of the vPro family is to aid system administrators in monitoring and managing distant corporate PCs. Nevertheless, the vPro family also serves a number of additional purposes.

Stephanie Hallford, vice president and general manager of Intel’s commercial client division, stated, “For over two decades, we’ve been devoted to our objective of providing products and technology that keep organizations operating and people productive.” “With our new 13th Generation Intel Core processors, the Intel vPro platform remains the dominant business computing foundation, offering enterprises of all sizes the best in security, business management, and performance.”

The Intel sign in front of their headquarters.

Intel’s latest version of vPro touts the following enhancements in particular:

  • Up to 65% quicker Windows program performance compared to desktop Computers older than three years.
  • Up to 45 percent quicker content production while multitasking compared to the existing AMD desktop.
  • Windows application performance is up to 2.3 times quicker compared to three-year-old mobile Computers.
  • Up to 40 percent quicker Windows program performance compared to contemporary AMD laptops.
  • Up to 25% quicker performance for commercial applications than Apple M2.7.
  • About 58% quicker report creation while collaborating compared to the current AMD laptop.
  • Intel vPro Enterprise and Intel vPro Essentials are the two variants of the vPro brand that split in 2022.
  • Intel vPro Enterprise is the new moniker for the standard platform for PC management.
  • Intel vPro Essentials is a version with reduced functionality intended for small enterprises with or without their own IT departments.

New safety measures

In terms of security, the new vPro platform decreases the attack surface by around 70% compared to PCs manufactured four years ago. It also has new IT-enabled memory encryption that utilizes Windows’ contemporary virtualization-based security. Enterprise clients will be able to select from a variety of endpoint detection and response providers that are equipped with Intel Threat Detection Technology.

Intel underlines that all of these functions are included into the hardware, including security protections designed to detect ransomware and software supply chain assaults.

Moreover, the 13th Generation Intel Core CPUs on Intel vPro platforms provide capabilities designed with edge developers in mind. These characteristics include performance in edge processing, remote device management, and security tools.

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