Iconic NYC Eatery Rao’s Expands to Miami Beach

Famous Italian eatery Rao’s expands to Miami Beach.

The iconic New York City restaurant will open a new location at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel early next year.

The impossible-to-reach Italian hotspot will become the first new permanent location outside the Holy House in East Harlem and the Hollywood outpost.

The restaurant’s meatball maestro, Chef Dino Gatto, has been in talks for months to bring Rao’s to Miami Beach to join the city’s hopping hospitality and cater to local rulers and New Yorkers of all ages. outside the city.

A spokesperson for Loews Hotels confirms to Vidak For Congress: “New York icon Rao’s will open in early 2023 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel.

“Loews Hotels & Co and Rao’s will share additional details as they become available.”

Rao's original restaurant in East Harlem is open in the evenings.
Rao’s chefs take their talents to Miami Beach with a new outpost of their beloved restaurant.
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It is not yet known whether the new Miami Beach location will be modeled exactly after the Harlem location, which opened in 1896. the city’s vibrant Art Deco district.

But it will most likely have more than the 40-seat capacity of its counterpart, dubbed “New York’s Most Exclusive Restaurant,” as reservations are usually only available to patrons.

Rao’s traditionally opens pop-up venues for the Super Bowl, where it welcomes team owners and NFL stars to the host city.

The restaurant’s Las Vegas restaurant closed late last year after a successful 15-year run.

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