How Andy Cohen’s Zodiac Sign Made Us ‘Watch What Happens’

We can’t take our eyes off Andy Cohen, and not just because he’s the host of Bravo’s Watch What Happens.

As a major American radio and talk show host, Cohen’s dominance in the mainstream media has risen to epic heights. A mainstay of Bravo, he has served as the executive producer and developer of some of the most successful and trendy shows in the world.

After launching the hugely popular Real Housewives franchise – which currently has 11 series in the United States and 21 internationally – Cohen has also become a pop culture icon himself. His late night talk show, “What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”, as well as the pop culture channel on SiriusXM Radio called “Radio Andy”, have taken him further to the heights of Hollywood.

When it comes to his personal life, the openly gay and devastatingly handsome bachelor has even become a father who embraces a better work-life balance. So what made Cohen, 54, the media powerhouse that he is? Will he continue to rise? What about his personal life, will ever find true love? Join me as we dive into its stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see everything.

Andy Cohen birth announcement
Andy Cohen is an extroverted Gemini Sun.
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Andy Cohen’s Birth Chart Shows He Was Built To Create An Empire

Andy Cohen was born on June 2, 1968. This makes him a charismatic Gemini Sun with an expressive Leo Moon. His birth time has not been confirmed online or directly with me, but I am confident that our paths will cross (join me!). In the meantime, let’s focus on what we actually know. When it comes to elemental energy, Cohen is highly composed of both air and fire. This makes him very outgoing, spontaneous, passionate and impulsive. He has a very intellectual nature, but is also heavily guided by his heart and desires. Does he see something he wants? Oh, you can guarantee he’ll get it! To be fair, his birth chart speaks of how overwhelming charming and excitable He is. He is such a beacon of light and fun. In fact, there are specific reasons for this.

When it comes to the main astrological aspects in his birth chart, the first thing I want to point out is how his sun, which rules his life force, is closely linked to Venus, the planet of beauty, as well as Mars, the planet of drive and energy. (and yes, sex). This is exceptionally rare to see. This makes Cohen very beautiful and magnetic in every way – physically, mentally and on a soul level. He has exceptional levels of talent in the arts. He is warm, funny and popular— and he also puts a lot of emphasis on his personal relationships. He’s also very outgoing and confidentwith a strong work ethic and plenty of energy to draw from.

How Andy Cohen's Zodiac Sign Made Us 'Watch What Happens' 1
Andy Cohen’s Leo Moon shows that he will be an expressive, creative and funny father who nurtures children.

TBH: He’s daring, snappy and direct, even combative to stir the pot and have a little fun. His Moon, which rules his inner life, also dances closely with Jupiter, the planet of joy and happiness. This makes him complete loving and kind and guarantees that he is loved by others, especially in the eyes of the public. He has quite a deep side to his personality when he is contemplative and introspective.

Then there are some key clues to great success — and yes, building a long-term heritage and empire (lol, I have some of these placements too. #twinning). First, his Jupiter, the planet of wealth, ties in perfectly with Saturn, the planet of permanence. This means he is hugely ambitious (duh) and was born to be a leader and work with the public. Success would always find him, but the sheer amounts of it happen as he gets older. He impresses those he meets and can work with authority in a way that allows them to elevate him. His Mars connects to Pluto, giving him massive amounts of energy to channel toward his goals, as well as an innate drive for power.

Astrology 101: Your Guide to the Stars

His sun also points to Pluto, further enabling him to be recognized and admired by the world. His Mercury is connected to Jupiter, which gives him great intelligence. However, this last aspect I want to mention actually makes me chuckle because it has worked so clearly in its favor. Its Moon also sweetly connects with Saturn. This means that he is naturally attracted to powerful female figures and works with strong female personalities. There is an ease in this flow, where they respect it, but also benefit each other. Wild, right?

Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper Astrology
Andy Cohen has a lot to look forward to. He and best friend Anderson Cooper share the same Gemini zodiac sign.
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What are predictions for Andy Cohen?

Come on, what’s in store for Mr. Cohen? Let’s take a look! Firstly, he is in a very important period for his professional life. In fact, things are only getting bigger. Jupiter highlights its fame and achievements in 2022 and Saturn, the planet of permanence, will revolve in its solar sector of professional success from 2023 to 2026. On the one hand, he will hit the ground running and work extremely hard – with some obstacles and challenges presented to him to overcome, but he will also make his legacy more important than ever before.

On the other hand, he experiences such a nice atmosphere now and in the first half of 2023 around his social life as well. He makes new friends and grows closer with his friends too, especially with Anderson Cooper! On a romantic level, Cohen will start to feel a bit more popular and sought after, especially when he meets people through online dating, his network and the media. Yes, he could definitely find someone to set him on fire during this time, but I think the super significant love energy (maybe even taking things to a more serious level) could be in 2024 and 2025.

Finally, I do want Cohen to watch his health, as there is some evidence of possible burnout or exhaustion with eclipses causing shifts here and a Mars Retrograde taking place in his constellation in late 2022. Just trust what your intuition and body tell you! He has so much to look forward to. May our paths cross sooner rather than later, king. You heard it here first.

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