Grimes says she can’t afford a house without Elon Musk’s help

Singer Grimes raised eyebrows after claiming she simply couldn’t afford to buy a house without the financial help of ex Elon Musk.

The “Genesis” hitmaker, who shares two children with the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, took to Twitter on Monday to ask her followers to join her in a petition against rising house prices in Texas.

“My fellow Texans! Petitions may feel useless, but I guarantee local politicians will take them seriously,” she tweeted.

“Plz sign to lower housing costs in Austin. There is effective legislation on the table here, but we need public support.”

But despite her good intentions, some followers criticized the singer for petitioning for something they claimed didn’t affect her.

“Grimes you are set, your opinion of ‘the housing market’ is invalid,” wrote a Twitter user.

Grimes performs at Pitchfork Music Festival at Union Park on July 20, 2014 in Chicago.
Grimes’ Twitter followers criticized her for petitioning for something they claimed didn’t bother her.
Daniel Boczarskic

It wasn’t long before the mother of two respondedwriting, “First of all, I couldn’t afford to buy a house to fit my kids in Austin, ATM without their dad’s help, which is Insane because I’m ap[retty] successful artist.”

“Second, these are not my opinions, I just agreed to help some real experts/policy makers,” she added.

The critic doubled down, to add,,That’s what I mean, their father will help and make it happen. You’re done.”

It seems Grimes isn’t alone in supporting Musk financially.

The billionaire recently revealed that he and his brother, Kimbal, have financially supported their father Errol since he “run out of money” decades ago.

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