Final Fantasy 16’s Old-School Setting Stands Out Among PlayStation Exclusives 2023

Despite the fact that there have been 15 mainline games with the same name and falling under the same banner, each Final Fantasy game varies greatly from the last. Final Fantasy 7 adopted a steampunk setting to overwhelming critical and commercial acclaim, and Noctis’s adventure in Eos in FF15 has a more Western influence and lighthearted atmosphere, with modern innovations blended with more conventional elements. Final Fantasy 16 appears to be returning to its roots with a more medieval-inspired setting, and anticipation for its June release is growing.

The tone is more reminiscent of the franchise’s origins, with a focus on high-fantasy intrigue over technological advancements. However, Final Fantasy 16 appears to be even darker, as Clive and Josh’s story is shrouded in tragedy at multiple periods in Clive’s existence.

Final Fantasy 16’s setting stands out amid Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, and Death Stranding’s similar themes.

This could be a revitalizing concept for the franchise, but perhaps more curiously, it could help the game stand out among the growing number of PlayStation exclusives that use futuristic elements to make their narratives and presentation feel engaging.

Final Fantasy 16's Old-School Setting Stands Out Among PlayStation Exclusives 2023 2

The somber, medieval atmosphere of Valisthea is a radical departure from what fans have grown accustomed to in recent years. It may share similarities with Ishgard in the Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy 14, with its gothic structures and armored inhabitants, but it still fills a niche that Final Fantasy hasn’t addressed in some time. It could be the ideal setting for a more mature story, and the apparent absence of modern influences could do wonders for the game’s ability to provide an escape.

Final Fantasy 16 is a Sony launch exclusive and will not be available on other platforms until months after its PlayStation 5 release. This continues a trend that began in 1997 with the release of Final Fantasy 7 on the original PlayStation as opposed to Nintendo hardware, which was used for the first six games.

Final Fantasy’s next release in 2023 could help diversify Sony’s catalog going forward, as the company is forsaking an idea that most of its first-party franchises cannot tackle.

Future-Oriented Exclusives for the PlayStation

The stark contrast between Final Fantasy 16’s direction and that of other games in the series is enormous, but its influence could extend to all of Sony’s exclusive titles. With the exception of a few notable examples such as God of War and The Last of Us, the general consensus seems to be that futuristic presentational and narrative elements serve to tell a fantastic story.

Final Fantasy 16's Old-School Setting Stands Out Among PlayStation Exclusives 2023 3

Horizon is a franchise depicting humanity’s retreat into tribal communities, with Aloy’s humble and intrinsically natural origins. In a fusion of the hyper-futuristic and the fundamentals of human existence, however, this is due to the devices from Horizon’s Faro Automated Solutions.

Instead of focusing on the past, Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man, and Death Stranding have futuristic themes, and Final Fantasy 16’s use of swords instead of firearms and medieval inspiration instead of technological advancements to tell its story makes it feel increasingly new and exciting.

The melee-focused combat could be similar to that of other games, but spending time in a setting that appears to be so steeped in history and medieval influence could be a welcome change, and help the veteran series find a new way to continue contributing to the gaming industry and a list of Sony exclusives that are constantly offering innovation.

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