FBI Sets Preliminary Schedule for IT Services and Supply 2 Purchase 2023

The FBI is delighted to present the preliminary timetable for the ITSSS-2 BPA. The FBI is also completing all other acquisition-related facts. Please email [email protected] with any information or comments regarding the evaluation process that you would want the government to consider. We appreciate your interest in ITSSS-2 and partnership with the FBI.

Current Proposed Timetable:

Milestone Anticipated Completion Date Draft Request for Proposal (RFP) Published on May 15, 2023

Industries Occasion *6/7/2020

Issue Final RFP on 6/21/2023

Vendor Questions Due 6/28/2023

Vendor Replies Due 7/7/2023

Quotations Due 7/24/2023

Evaluation Commencing 7/25/2023

Evaluation Complete 11/1/2023

Award of contract on 12/11/2023

*This date is uncertain. The FBI is currently determining the venue of the event and whether or not it will be virtual.

The Information Technology (IT) Services and Supplies 2 (ITSSS-2) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is an IT services vehicle that will supply IT services to the FBI and will also be accessible to the larger Department of Justice. The BPA streamlines the procurement of IT services from a certified pool of providers. Owing to the urgent need for a simplified master vehicle and the FBI’s contractual expert staffing issues at the time, the FBI collaborated with the General Services Administration (GSA) in December 2021 to construct, solicit, and award the ITSSS-2 BPA.

When the relationship with GSA began, 71 percent of the FBI’s procurement team was manned. Since then, however, the FBI has raised its procurement staffing to 95 percent. In addition, the FBI has recruited top procurement experts to oversee the creation and implementation of complicated contract vehicles. The FBI is delighted to inform that it is now in a position to execute the award phase of the ITSSS-2 BPA due to its greatly enhanced procurement staffing posture and committed contracting expertise. The FBI appreciates the GSA’s help over the last fourteen months.

The FBI will provide monthly status updates via SAM.GOV and biz.fbi.gov, and a specific email account has been established for the ITSSS-2 BPA. Send all electronic mail to [email protected]. Once finished, the FBI will also send a high-level timeline to the BPA. The FBI intends to award a contract in 2023, with the publishing of the final RFQ in the middle of summer and a possible industry engagement event in late spring.

The FBI is ecstatic about this chance to execute the ITSSS-2 BPA and to engage with both industry leaders and emerging enterprises in the IT sector. Contract Specialist Tammy J. Clark serves as the primary point of contact for this need. She may be reached at [email protected]. To be fair to all suppliers, there are currently no scheduled individual meetings to discuss the ITSSS-2 BPA. Please send all comments, recommendations, and ideas to the ITSSS-2 BPA email address.

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