Fashion Insiders Divided Over Kanye West’s Fate

Is it all over for Kanye West in fashion?

Fashion insiders are divided over ‘Ye”s fate after he sent models up the runway wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts during Paris Fashion Week, then bullied a Vogue editor for criticizing the decision.

“It’s over. People were outraged and outraged,” a fashion insider told Vidak For Congress.

Another believes: “If you have money, you will never be canceled.”

The one thing most would agree on is that the move infuriated the people who attended the show, including Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who called the design “indefensible behavior.”

Karefa-Johnson’s criticism prompted West to attack her style on social media, further angering fashion types including Gigi Hadid, Supreme creative director Tremaine Emory, and the fashion bible itself, Vogue.

A fashion insider, who attended Ye’s show, pointed out that the overwhelming response to Karefa-Johnson is proof that the fashion crowd has already left West.

“Gabby’s pretty awesome, so people are merging around his comments about her. Nobody’s really talking about the t-shirt anymore,” they said.

Vogue came to the defense of Karefa-Johnson by posting a statement saying she was “personally targeted and bullied. It is unacceptable … in a private meeting with Ye [on Tuesday] she again spoke her truth in a way she felt best, on her terms.”

Prabal Gurung SS23 Show

Ye’s YZY collection remains on Vogue’s site despite the controversy.

Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

The Business of Fashion celebrates the BoF 500 2022 during Paris Fashion Week

Ye’s YZY collection remains on Vogue’s site despite the controversy.

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“If we can’t laugh about it, then no one else is…

The meeting was filmed by “Moulin Rouge!” director Baz Luhrmann according to Ye, who made “the whole thing feel performative,” said the third fashion source.

“A video with Baz Luhrmann? F–k away! He directed a video between Kanye and Gabby, trying to humiliate? Now it is [going to be] turned into more ads, more money, more views, more clicks,” they added.

The first source believes the industry’s support for Karefa-Johnson was why Vogue had to respond. Meanwhile, West’s collection remains on Vogue’s site without the “White Lives Matter” t-shirts. A representative of the magazine did not comment.

However, our second source says the Yeezy show will go on and will compare everything to Dolce & Gabbana’s past fashion controversies.

Kanye West.
West has too much money to be canceled by the fashion industry, according to a source.
Pichichipixx /

“His exclusivity in having people come to his show to support him may be more unreliable. Maybe he should now go back to paying some people to attend,” they said.

“Kanye has a brand… so if… [it] wants to advertise in a magazine, they are going to take his money, similar to Dolce & Gabbana. Fashion needs money. If you have money, you will never be canceled,” they said.

Kanye West and Jamie Foxx
Ye and Jamie Foxx in 2005. The designer said he wants Foxx to portray him in a biopic after the controversy.
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Anyway, Ye too seems to have moved on. He’s battling the Kardashians again and thinking about actors to play him in a biopic.

“Who Should Play Me in a Ye Movie?” he posted on Instagram on Wednesday. “My choice is Jamie Foxx. One of the greatest geniuses,” he said.

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