Drew Barrymore’s Daytime Show ‘Ignited’ Her Fashion Game

Drew Barrymore told Vidak For Congress at New York Fashion Week that her daytime TV show of the same name has helped her up her fashion game.

“It was a good break for me to get out of sweatpants and vintage T-shirts that I wear every day; that’s a big part of my style,” the 47-year-old “Charlie’s Angels” star said at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party: “The show has helped me get out of a bad cycle where I don’t put any effort into myself. .’ Today: “I have an excuse to rekindle my fire for fashion.”

The show first aired in 2020.

Harper’s moved its annual Icons party from one legendary location to another this year.

The bash — usually held in the Plaza — was thrown into Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship on Friday, and the collaborative event was dubbed “Bloomingdale’s 150 x BAZAAR Icons.”

The fashion party drew its usual crowd of top designers, models and stars, including Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Siriano, Zac Posen, new single Emily Ratajkowski, Kanye West’s ex Julia Fox, Alicia Silverstone, Heidi Klum, Jane Krakowski, Drew Barrymore, Candace Bushnell and more.

Bushnell told us that at 63 years old, she is still single – and very much looking for contact -.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum was one of the stars at the chic Bloomingdale’s 150 x BAZAAR Icons bash.
AFP via Getty Images

“I’m still here, I just got on a dating site,” she told Vidak For Congress. “I don’t do Tinder – I already did. I’m going for another one, but I can’t say.” She added, in case you were wondering, “You know I’m a nice person, you’d be lucky to go out with me.”

The performer of the evening, Jack Harlow, continued at approximately 10pm.

The celebration for Bazaar’s annual Icons portfolio and Bloomingdale’s 150th anniversary also featured vintage arcade games plus a pop-up magazine rack of free candy and fashion glossies.

The evening ended with a pizza truck outside for the fashionistas who dared to eat carbohydrates.

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