Drake’s New Haircut Gets Response From Justin Bieber, More Celebs

One haircut is enough for Drake’s friends to troll him.

On Thursday, the 35-year-old “God’s Plan” hitmaker posted an Instagram carousel of photos (and a video) of his new “do,” and his celebrity friends had *a lot* of thoughts about the slick style.

“Name this man…” Drake urged his followers, referring to his latest hair character.

“Clarance Donovan aka steezeman deluxe,” Justin Bieber called the rapper, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

“Champagne Escobar,” joked musician Vory, who said he looked “like an Italian godfather”. [sic] .”

TV host Tyrone “T-rex” Edwards called him “Lionel Drizzy!” And noted mullet fan Riff Raff wrote, “You’re about 3 months shy of a Million Dollar Mullet, I see what you’re doing,” to which Drizzy responded with clapping emojis.

drake new haircut
Drake’s friends called him ‘Champagne Escobar’, Lionel Drizzy’ and the ‘Wolf of 6 Street’.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter also had a field day with the “Degrassi” star’s new luscious locks.

“Aubrey Drake’s hair journey is fun. I want him to get some bundles,” a fan tweeted.

drake new haircut
Justin Bieber was quick to weigh in and joined friends like Quavo in the comments section.

The “Hotline Bling” rapper, who earlier this month unveiled a facial tattoo honoring his mother as part of his makeover, was also as compared to Barry White and compared with “the lunch lady after she took off her hairnet and came on.”

One Twitter user asked the question,“Why do Drake? [sic] hair looks like he’s put on way too much cologne now?’

justin bieber in pink hat
Justin Bieber, Quavo and Riff Raff all came up with new names for Drake’s ‘do.
Getty Images for The Recording A

Another fan wondered when he tries to look like his father, whom he recently ribbed for getting a tattoo of his face that doesn’t quite look like the real thing.

Guess it’s time for his dad to update the questionable ink with the divisive ‘do.

drake new hair
The former “Degrassi” actor debuted with a face tattoo dedicated to his Jewish mother.

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