Doja Cat loses 200K followers after slamming Noah Schnapp, who is 2M . wins

Doja Cat fans weren’t thrilled with how she handled her DM controversy with Noah Schnapp.

According to data from Social Blade, the rapper lost nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram after calling the “Stranger Things” star “socially oblivious and crazy” for posting their DMs in a since-deleted TikTok.

While the Grammy winner’s following appeared to be a hit, the actor gained nearly 2 million followers from the incident.

The couple’s drama began when the rapper asked the young star to pair her up with his co-star, Joseph Quinn, who called the actor. “fine as st.”

Schnapp (17) saw the opportunity to make a funny TikTok about the conversation and share screenshots of his messages with the singer “Woman”. However, Doja Cat didn’t think it was that funny.

Noah Schnap
Schnapp posted the now-deleted video to his 27.5 million TikTok followers.
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Days after the video went viral, the 26-year-old went live on Instagram, calling Schnapp’s video “borderline snake s–t, that’s like weasel s–t.”

Before ending her diatribe, the “Say So” singer changed her tone a bit, noting that Noah is young and he has to make mistakes to learn from them.

“Like, you should do that so you know you can’t do that in the future. I’ve done my fair share of f-k ups so I don’t f-k up again,” Doja said.

Doja Cat
“I assumed he would take it easy and he was going to share information that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing,” the rapper said.
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While Doja felt she was being disrespected, it’s clear from the drop in followings that many fans thought the singer wasn’t queuing up to meet the young actor.

“Doja Cat is the adult and should act like it. Send him a private message and don’t call him on social media. He literally meant no harm and liked it,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

‘Doja Cat, he’s 17 years old. old teen (minor) and you as an adult shouldn’t ask him to play matchmaker anyway. That in itself is a bit weird,” another tweeted.

Noah Schnap.
Schnapp is currently starring in Netflix’s most successful series, “Stranger Things”.

However, many loyal fans of the singer defended her reaction, saying that his age did not excuse his actions.

“You’re not defending him because he’s a teenager like that makes up for it, I know damn well most of you would react the same way if your private convo was shared, even if you really didn’t want it posted online,” one fan started.

Schnapp has not yet commented publicly, but has removed the video from his profile.

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