Diana Jenkin’s Fiance Loves Negative Tweets About Her

Diana Jenkins’ fiancée, Asher Monroe, raised eyebrows on Friday when his Twitter account “liked” disparaging tweets about his partner.

A fan account called @MadBeefs captured screenshots of the tweets Monroe, 33, reportedly liked, including one that read: “Diana Jenkins is a horrible person inside and out and the only reason Asher was even on the show to promote herself…I bet that she even paid for it!”

Another negative tweet said, “Donating your money to charities is nice, but it doesn’t make you a good person,” perhaps referring to a recent $100,000 donation the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star made to victims of the crime. crash of Lion Air Flight 610.

A third tweet that Monroe seemed to read in part was, “Diana is boring.”

However, a source exclusively insists on Vidak For Congress that the singer-songwriter is not responsible for liking negative comments about his significant other.

Diana Jenkins and Asher Monroe pose for a photo.
Asher Monroe appeared to “like” negative comments about his fiancée Diana Jenkins on Twitter.
Getty Images for EJAF

We’re told that Monroe uses a social media executive based in London who likes “random” posts for him — though it’s unclear why this employee would condone bad comments about his boss’s lover.

It is not known whether the social media manager has been fired or reprimanded for their inappropriate actions.

However, the insider clarifies that Monroe and Jenkins, 49, are “foolishly in love” and that there are “absolutely no problems in paradise”.

The couple has not immediately responded to the speculation about their relationship. However, the Bosnian-born philanthropist shared videos to her Instagram stories on Thursday night that appear to show that she and her husband are on good terms.

Jenkins shared a photo of her with Monroe while on vacation after the Twitter drama.

The clips show the couple playfully sharing a nighttime story with their 1-year-old daughter, Eliyanah.

Jenkins also posted an Instagram story of her and Monroe swinging in a hammock together, captioning it, “Love from paradise. LOL so stupid.”

Diana Jenkins
Jenkins recently donated money to the victims of Tom Girardi’s alleged fraud.

Earlier on Friday, Monroe’s Twitter account “disliked” all the negative comments after being called out.

The musician and reality star welcomed their first child in 2020 and have been engaged ever since.

Jenkins was previously married to British financier Roger Jenkins from 1999 to 2011 and shares two adult children with him.

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