Princess Diana predicted deadly car accident in chilling note

Two years before her fatal accident, Princess Diana predicted she would die in a car accident.

The hair-raising revelation – which came to be known as the “Mishcon Note” – is covered in detail in the upcoming Discovery+ documentary series, “The Diana Investigations,” which The Daily Beast has been previewed.

In October 1995, Diana requested a personal meeting with her personal legal counsel Victor Mishcon, allegedly to tell him about something she was thinking about.

Mishcon diligently took notes of their conversation, in which Diana reportedly said that “reliable sources,” whom she declined to name, had informed her “that a car accident might occur.” Diana apparently predicted that she would “either end up dead or seriously injured”.

In August 1997, Diana, along with her partner Dodi Al-Fayed and her driver Henri Paul, died after Henri slammed their Mercedes into a pillar at 100 km/h in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Paul was under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, but he also tried to avoid the relentless paparazzi who followed them on motorcycles.

Princess Diana's car accident scene
Princess Diana foreshadowed her fatal car accident in what has come to be known as the ‘Mishcon Note’.
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According to the experts in the docuseries, Mishcon gave the note of his meeting with Diana to the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Condon.

It was not until Condon’s successor, John Stevens, assumed the position, that the public was made aware of the note’s existence, as Condon had kept it in a safe.

Princess Diana dressed up for a chic gala
She is said to have said that “reliable sources” had informed her “that a car accident could occur”.
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“When the coroner announced his inquest, I made sure that letter was immediately given to the royal coroner, who at the time was Michael Burgess and then became Lord Justice Scott Baker,” Lord Stevens told the Daily Beast.

“I saw Lord Mishcon about a month before he died, in the spring of 2005, and he insisted that he thought [Diana] was paranoid, and he didn’t have much faith in… [the note].”

Princess Diana memorial
Diana died in Paris in August 1997.
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Diana is said to have written a second letter in October 1996, two months after her divorce from Prince Charles, which reflected a similar premonition. Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, published it in his 2003 book, “A Royal Duty.”

“The Diana Investigations” premieres on Discovery+ on August 18.

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