Constance Wu returns to Instagram after revealing suicide attempt

Constance Wu is back on Instagram two weeks after she returned to Twitter to reveal her 2019 suicide attempt on social media.

The “Crazy Rich Asians” star posted a promo for “I Was a Simple Man” in 2021 on Wednesday, letting her followers know that the film can be streamed on the Criterion Channel.

“While recovering from the grid, I took a little break from my acting career,” she wrote. “But in that time I’ve done a few small projects with people I love and trust. ‘I Was a Simple Man’ was one of those projects.”

Wu, 40, noted that she was “unable to share” the post when the project premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival due to her social media hiatus.

“Having been here for a while, I wanted to share this beautiful movie from my dear friend @makotoyogi who I love and admire very much,” she continued. “I loved the cast and crew and the heart of this experience. An amazing experience and an incredible film.”

Constance Wu on a red carpet.
Constance Wu is back on Instagram after a nearly three-year hiatus.
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Wu stopped posting on social media platforms in 2019 after coming under fire for tweeting that she was “so upset” and “literally cried” over the revamp of her sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat”.

The Golden Globe nominee felt “a little scared” about returning to the apps, tweet on July 14th that she was just “dipping” [her] back inside.”

Constance Wu at "Watch live what's happening with Andy Cohen."
The actress told her followers that she was “recovering off the grid”.
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She wrote: “I was afraid to come back on social media because I almost lost my life to it.”

Wu explained that after receiving messages from fellow Asian-American actresses calling her “a plague” to the community amid the 2019 scandal, she felt she “didn’t deserve to live anymore.”

Constance Wu sitting on a footstool.
Wu returned to Twitter earlier this month, revealing her suicide attempt over 2019 social media backlash.
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The “Hustlers” star went on to write that she was trying to kill herself at the time, and a friend found her and took her to the emergency room.

“Looking back, it’s unreal that a few DMs convinced me to end my own life, but that’s what happened,” she added. “It was a scary moment that made me rethink a lot in my life. For the next few years, I put my career aside to focus on my mental health.”

During her hiatus, Wu wrote “Making a Scene,” a memoir that will hit shelves in October.

Though she noted via Twitter that her book “isn’t always the most flattering of renderings,” early readers have already praised her honesty.

‘Love your book. It helped me,” an Instagram user commented on Wu’s post on Wednesday.

Another fan tweeted“It’s one of the most emotionally open celebrity memoirs I’ve read.”

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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