Christina Aguilera unfollows Britney Spears after body shaming

Words can bring her down.

Christina Aguilera unfollowed Britney Spears on Instagram over a controversial post shaming the “Beautiful” singer’s backup dancers.

The social media numbness came shortly after Spears, 40, posted a lengthy caption Monday afternoon that read, in part, “If I’d had Christina Aguilera’s dancers, I would have looked extremely petite.”

The “Toxic” singer wrote the post alongside a quote attributed to Rodney Dangerfield that read: “I discovered there was only one way to look thin: dating fat people.”

Spears’ post, which was still on her page Tuesday morning, received a huge response.

“Body shaming others is not the move,” noted one Instagram user.

“You need to remove this,” another suggested.


Spears was widely criticized for her critical caption.



Spears also posted this quote from Rodney Dangerfield.


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“This is rude. I’m disappointed, Britney,” wrote a third fan.

“There’s no need to put another woman down to feel better about yourself. Concentrate on your healing,” suggested another.

Aside from unfollowing her longtime pop rival, Aguilera, 41, has yet to publicly respond to the post criticizing the bodies of her dancers.

Christina Aguilera
Aguilera has not yet responded to the post.
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Spears has not shied away from calling on anyone since ending her conservatory in November 2021 allowed her to speak freely for the first time in 13 years.

She has shot at family members, including her parents, Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears, and her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, in addition to exes such as Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake.

Earlier this week, Britney admitted to her Instagram followers that she “unknowingly” wants to “insult” people because she’s been “so damn offended” her whole life, especially during her conservatory, which left Jamie, 70, in control of personal, his daughter’s medical and financial decisions.

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