Christie Brinkley, 68, stunned in swimsuit, speaks ‘gratitude’

If all it takes to look like Christie Brinkley is gratitude and low-sugar wine, sign up.

The supermodel graced the cover of Social Life magazine this month, flaunting her enviable 68-year-old figure in a sexy black belted swimsuit.

Brinkley — who owns her own vegan, organic wine brand Bellissima — raises a glass of rosé during her cover moment, writing both her low-sugar wine and “genuine gratitude” for her perennially young looks.

“The sugar-free sparkling wine was a hit and a personal favorite of mine,” says the entrepreneur. “I love the idea that I can enjoy a glass of wine and stick to my healthy lifestyle.”

Christie Brinkley
Brinkley said, “Having a layer of gratitude gives you perspective. So a challenge that may seem monumental suddenly becomes more of a bump in the road.”
Ben Watts

In another photo featured in the magazine, Brinkley shows off some cleavage in a deep purple cut-out one-piece as she joyfully plays table tennis.

“You know a lot of people ask me, ‘Why are you always smiling?’ Why do you seem so happy no matter what?'” she said in the interview. “I really think the root of everything is true gratitude.”

“Gratitude is what works for me, and I start every day counting all the reasons why I should be grateful,” she said, adding, “How can I not be happy at the end of the list? Counting my blessings is really the secret of happiness and being full of energy and life.”

“If you have great legs, show them… Don’t let those numbers control you,” Brinkley told Fox News in 2021 about aging.

She also told the magazine that the only “handsome celebrity” she would bring to a desert island was British adventurer Bear Grylls “because he would take good care of us.”

Her appearance in the magazine isn’t the first time in recent months that she’s given fans a peek at her beachwear; she rocked a tiny bikini in June while vacationing in Turks and Caicos.

Swimwear aside, we can look forward to a “Pretty Woman” polo moment in her future; the model is hosting Social Life’s first polo tournament in the Hamptons this Saturday.

Christie Brinkley
Brinkley spoke out against climate change in her interview, saying, “I really hope everyone on this planet wakes up now to the serious crisis of climate change and starts doing what they can.”
Ben Watts

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