Chris Brown defends groping, bending fans over during meet & greets

Chris Brown attends his intimate meet and greets with fans after receiving a reaction from photos that have gone viral.

The singer, 33, shared a “PSA” via Instagram Stories Monday in which he highlighted recent images circulating on social media of himself groping fans, they bend over and doing prom poses.

“As an artist[s] (everyone) does concerts, they all have something like a VIP package. I haven’t done meet and greets in over 7 years,” the Grammy winner’s post began.

“I have the coolest fans in the world. I appreciate the f–k of them. These are memories that will stay with them forever.”

Brown then went on to dismiss other “lame ass performers who won’t make eye contact with people who have made it possible to even have a career.”


The singer’s poses with concertgoers went viral.



The singer’s poses with concertgoers went viral.


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The “Bullet Train” star complimented his 16-year-old’s dancing skills, jokingly,…

The dancer wrote: “I only exist because these fans saw something in me that I never thought was possible… So I’m all for my fans!!!”

Twitter users expressed mixed feelings about Brown’s poses, with some praising the singer for giving his supporters “any pose they wanted”.

Chris Brown
Brown defended his decision to “go all out” for his supporters via Instagram Stories.

One fan wrote: “The more I see Chris Brown’s meet and greet photos…. The more I want to spend 1000 bucks,” and another adds, “I’m in love…. The girls are really having a good time .”

However, other users called the photos “weird” and criticized concertgoers for spending their money on Brown after he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 and pleaded guilty to assault.

“I think it’s weird if you have a problem listening to R. Kelly’s music, but you can listen to Chris Brown,” reads a tweet.

Chris Brown
“I only exist because [of] these fans,” he wrote.
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The meet and greets come two months after Normani was criticized for working with the songwriter on ‘WE (Warm Embrace)’.

The 26-year-old former member of the Fifth Harmony, who danced and kissed Brown in the music video for his song, tweeted her support for “#TeamBreezy” in 2014.

“I love him and his personal life has nothing to do with how talented he is,” wrote the “Love Lies” singer.

In addition to his violent incident with Rihanna — for which the Fenty designer, 34, has publicly forgiven him — Brown has recently faced other legal issues.

Not only was he under investigation in June 2021 for allegedly beating a woman, but in January of the following year, another woman sued him for allegedly drugging and raping her.

The actor denies both allegations.

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