Angela Simmons praised for unedited bikini photos

This “Growing Up Hip Hop” star is all grown up.

Fans praise former reality star Angela Simmons, 34, for sharing multiple snaps in a green bikini while modeling for Matte Collection during Miami Swim Week 2022.

She captioned the steamy snaps: “Raw, no editing. REAL bodies matter,” adding, “thick thighs save lives lol.”

She paired the bikini with a matching button-down that was worn off the shoulders, layered necklaces and sheer heels.

Fans and friends were quick to praise Simmons on social media, with Gabrielle Union commenting on “Beautiful” and songwriter Angie Beyince writing, “I think it’s so amazing and so inspiring for you to show real bodies, in real life, in real time. ,” called it “daring and brave.”

Angela Simmons Modeling in Miami Swim Week
Simmons took Swim Week by storm and caused a Twitter storm while she was at it.

“I think it’s really great that Angela Simmons did this”, a Twitter user excitedadding that viewers are “programmed” after seeing photoshopped photos, “so people tend to poke fun at how natural bodies really are, lord knows I love my cellulite dips and blemishes.”

Commentators agreed. “So many changed bodies, ppl [sic] do not forget or appreciate natural bodies.” fans called her “beautiful and ALL NATURAL” and noticed people have become too accustomed to seeing “surgical bodies”.

The reactions to the stunning photos also sparked some debate. “People who say ‘real bodies come back in style’ after Angela Simmons dropped her raw photos I think is wild because what do you all mean ‘back in style?'” one person tweeted, asking, “Do you know how many women here rock their real bodies and get shamed?” cite Lizzo as an example.

Angela Simmons and her father
Rev Run’s daughter appeared on “Growing Up Hip Hop.”
Getty Images

A few people struggled to accept that Simmons was already an adult. Someone tweeted: “I’m at the age where Angela Simmons is fine but I grew up loving her dad so I don’t know what to do with these feelings 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”, referring to her dad , Joseph Ward Simmons, better known as Run-DMC founding member Rev. run.

But at 34 years old with a five-year-old son, Simmons is definitely grown up and unafraid.

“I don’t feel any pressure to look or be a certain size in Hollywood. I will be who I am,” Simmons told Vidak For Congress Style in May 2020.

“I want people to know that ‘perfect’ is not perfect. I looked at myself one day and said, okay, maybe I have cellulite. Maybe I don’t have this perfect body. But I’m perfectly healthy and I love myself, so there’s nothing wrong with embracing a sandwich.”

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