Andy, Bria, Sereniti predict winning couple

The Islanders are placing their bets!

Andy Voyen, Bria Bryant and Sereniti Springs, the offshoots of Love Island USA, shared their predictions for this season’s winning couple with Vidak For Congress.

Voyen is confident that frontrunners Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison will score the title of “America’s Favorite Couple” and the coveted prize of $100,000.

‘I’m going to be a gambler. Timmy and Zeta are going to win. They had a little problem,” says the handsome broker, acknowledging Pandolfi’s involvement with Bria Bryant and Morrison’s brief affair with Jeff Christian.

“But they were so strong from day one and just as I left they started reviving their relationship,” Voyen continues. “And I know who they are and the relationship they had. I think that will eventually bring them to the end.”

"Love Island USA" stars Sereniti Springs, Andy Voyen and Bria Bryant
“Love Island USA” dropouts Sereniti Springs, Andy Voyen and Bria Bryant predict which couple will win this season.

Pandolfi and Morrison ran into a problem when Bria and her brother, Chazz Bryant, entered the villa. When Morrison heard her husband turned his head to Bria, she vowed to “start drama” — then kept her promise.

In a tense rematch ceremony where the sibling duo were asked to choose partners for each other, Morrison was snatched away from Pandolfi – who had been chosen by Chazz to pair up with Bria.

Morrison tried it out with Christian during the split and Pandolfi went out of his way to explore a relationship with Bria. But the lovebirds eventually found their way back to each other and have been flying high ever since.

However, Bria wonders if Pandolfi might be distracted – again – by the six new women who have recently infiltrated the infamous Casa Amor.

Zeta Morrison and Timmy Swerve kiss on "Love Island USA"
Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi have been hailed as one of the villa’s strongest couples.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

“For Zeta’s sake, I really hope Timmy gets it right this time. I really. I’m really looking for happiness in the villa,” says the stunning fashion influencer.

“I really want people to find their love matches, so I hope he doesn’t turn his head. But I’m not sure. We’ll have to see.”

Springs, for her part, is unwavering #TeamZimmy.

“I love my girl Zeta!” she says about her villa bestie. “Zeta and Timmy, I hope they take the crown.”

The bubbly bartender explains, “They’re a great representation of getting through battle, hitting bases for other things, getting you to try other options to come back…and keep it respectful. ”

Sereniti Springs on "Love Island USA"
“Zeta and Timmy, I hope they take the crown,” Springs told Vidak For Congress.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

Another vying pair for the crown is Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight – who have also endured a series of ups and downs, theirs notably infused with a cocktail of passion and jealousy.

After overcoming Voyen’s short-lived interest in Paight, Campbell now faces the temptation of newcomer Nadjha Day and the hot bombshells of Casa Amor.

“We love a toxic love story!” Springs explains with a smile. “I don’t really know if I could keep up with that, but that’s what happens when you.. a redhead and a guy with a dangling earring [together]it screams poisonous.”

She adds, “But that’s the thing, they love having that, going back and forth… It’s sexy to them. They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, baby!’”

Meanwhile, Voyen worries about Campbell and Paight.

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell on "Love Island USA"
As of now, Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell are expected to make it to the final.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

“Now I’m more curious about Isaiah and Sydney. I really feel like he’s going out and looking at other options, which could hurt the relationship between Sydney and Isaiah a little bit,” he says. “We’re going to find out. I do not know exactly. But I now have Timmy and Zeta as top dogs.”

“Love Island USA” — hosted by Sarah Hyland — is available to stream on Peacock. New episodes air Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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