Addison Rae’s mom turns bio into ‘single’ after husband’s affair

Addison Rae’s mom updated her Instagram bio to read “single mom” after her husband’s alleged affair with a 25-year-old.

Sheri Nicole Easterling followed up her profile change with a tweet posted Start fresh on Sunday.

“That old version of you. Not for you. New story. New version!” she wrote.

The not-so-cryptic messages from the mother of three come after her husband, Monty Lopez, reportedly “misled” Renée Ash into an affair, leading her to believe the relationship was more meaningful than it actually turned out to be.

“Unfortunately, he misled me about his marriage, he lied to me,” the young Los Angeles resident told Vidak For Congress exclusively, claiming that Lopez, 46, had told her his marriage to Easterling, 42, was over. while that was not the case.

“He told me we would be together and have babies together,” she continued.

Despite the apparent split between Easterling and Lopez, the Louisiana native still has “@sherinicole’s husband” in his bio.

Addison Rae with her family.
Vidak For Congress broke the news that Addison Rae’s father allegedly “tricked” a 25-year-old into having an affair with him.

While their TikTok star daughter has not publicly commented on the fallout within her family, Easterling said she is focusing on the children she shares with Lopez: Rae, 21, and sons Enzo, 14, and Lucas, 8.

“Personal matters made public are always challenging and overwhelming for everyone involved,” Easterling wrote on her Instagram story last week. “I’ll be okay.

“My greatest concern is – and always will be – my children and their fragile hearts and minds. I will always do my best to protect them.”

Sheri Nicole Easterling takes a selfie in a mirror.
“That old version of you. Not for you. New story. New version!” Easterling tweeted.

As for Ash, she apologized for potentially hurting Lopez’s family by speaking out about him.

“I’m sorry if something I said hurt his family even more than he already did,” she told us. “And I’m also sorry that he hurt me so deeply that I thought we were in love.”

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