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It doesn’t get any more drive or die than a couple of friends getting together competing for the same guy’s affections.

The wildly popular ABC dating series, “The Bachelorette,” is back, and Season 19 promises to double down on leading ladies and (fingers crossed) the chaos.

After the disastrous season 26 of “The Bachelor,” in which the dastardly rose that Taurus Clayton Echard recalled became intimate left and right and duplicity everywhere, two women emerged hurt but hopeful; ladies and gentlemen Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

Windey and Recchia, our newly christened singles, are best buddies and franchise co-leads united in their quest for love.

“It’s not the destination,” ABC says in the trailer for the new season, which premieres July 11, 2022. the best and worst mammal mating rituals.

Clayton Echard is smiling in a suit.
Windey and Recchia previously competed for, and were simultaneously dumped by, shower lord and double wired sign, Clayton Echard.
ABC via Getty Images

Due to the oppressive weight of patriarchy, our money says that this season our two beautiful ladies will eventually compete for the affection of a single, overwhelmingly average dude. Personally, I support the plot twist where Recchia and Windey drive off together in a red muscle car and leave behind ashes and trampled petals.

But who are these women and who should they seek out to build a foundation of lifelong love? Read on to learn about the zodiac signs and birth charts of both.

Gabby Windey is a Capricorn who suffers no fools, shed no tears

Gabby Windey in a black dress.
Capricorn Gabby Windey goes for fun and plays for conservation.
ABC via Getty Images

Born on January 2, 1991, Gabby Windey is an enterprising Capricorn sun with a proud Leo moon, this combination denotes a person who wants success and respect in equal measure. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and natives tend to have a strategic, slightly stoic approach to getting what they want.

They are interested in establishing a legacy by building things of lasting value and investing in relationships that are fruitful, inspiring and beneficial to them on various levels. They expect the best of themselves and hold those closest to them a similar standard of excellence.

We see the full radiance of Windey’s Capricorn sun in her epic “Bachelor” exit, where she tweaked her topknot, dropped harsh truths and didn’t shed a single tear for Echard. She confirmed her Cap sun and fan-favorite status by refusing to let the lecherous sulk walk her out. We’d love to see it.

Capricorn’s somewhat stern, melancholy nature is softened by the fact that Windey has Venus, planet of love, aesthetics and attachment, conjunct its sun. This adds a levity and sense of humor to her Capricorn energy. Our girl’s social media is indeed refreshingly funny; think of digitizing her Labradoodles genitals and captioning a 2020 bikini photo with “Joking about your coronavirus, I don’t even use TP.”

Yet her irreverence is perhaps best illustrated by her presentation to Clayton Echard, when she first met him, of a pillow adorned with his face and the admission, “I just want to sit on your face.” The ideal partner for Windey is someone who laughs at her jokes and matches her ambitions.

She describes her relationship checklist as a brother who is “emotionally intelligent, mature, [and] can challenge her.” Windey will find a nice bedfellow in another Earth sign like Taurus, a merry Sagittarius or empire-building Scorpio.

Rachel Recchia is the human equivalent of a Care Bear

Rachel Recchia poses in a short gold dress.
Pisces Rachel Recchia is looking for love and cruising heights.
ABC via Getty Images

Born March 8, 1996, Rachel Recchia is a Pisces sun with a Libra moon, making her a suspected sucker for love, monogamy, and Instragram poets. Pisces is a mutable water sign and natives feel acute, emote openly and fall in love easily. Libra is the sign of partnership and when it’s tangos with a Pisces sun, relationships are sure to be at the forefront.

Since Pisces is avoidant and Libra can be agreeable to people, there is a danger here of staying away from depth and conflict for the sake of a relationship. This is all over Recchia’s admission that she wants someone who is “supportive and someone who loves me.” Dream big, sister.

The combined effect of Recchia’s sun and moon is evident in her departure from Bachelor as she assured Echard that his choice to have her wound removed haunted him and she admitted, through a torrent of tears and eroding mascara that she wouldn’t stop from him. to keep.

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We would be remiss to paint Recchia as a pushover, as she has Mars, a planet of action and aggression, conjunct her sun in Pisces. Here the planet of desire and drive is linked to essential personality, and those with this aspect tend to be physically active, sexually productive and subscribe to a bit of a hero mentality. Since Mars is the masculinity incarnate, women with this combination tend to defy feminine stereotypes. We see this expressed in Rechhia, a commercial pilot and flight instructor who is leading the way in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry.

Recchia needs an emotionally evolved partner who can match, fully engage and celebrate her intensity of feeling, rather than tolerating her incredible achievements. The answer may lie in another water sign. I see a seductive, all-encompassing Scorpio or a nurturing Cancer with a fiery moon who can appear before her in the ways she needs to.

Good luck to both of these babes on the rocky road to romance. Whatever happens, she and we can be sure it can’t get any worse than Clayton.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey pose in evening dresses.
Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, just a bunch of girls looking for love with the whole world watching.

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