What Michael Keaton Said During Bleeped Emmy’s 2022 Speech

Dropping the F-bomb.

Michael Keaton’s speech was censored after he cheerfully said to his true believers, “I f–king love you,” when he took home the Best Leading Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series Award for his role in Hulu’s ‘Dopesick’.

Keaton — who played a doctor in the eight-part drama about the rise of the opiate crisis, centering on Purdue Pharma, the company that produced OxyContin — was the first actor to take the stage to receive an award for his work. to take.

The 71-year-old actor began his speech by saying that as a child he often re-enacted TV scenes he had seen for his family.

74th Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

Michael Keaton dropped the f-bomb while taking his award for Best Leading Actor in a Limited Series.

Los Angeles Times via Getty Image

74th Primetime Emmys - Show

Michael Keaton dropped the f-bomb while taking his award for Best Leading Actor in a Limited Series.

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“My parents and my siblings looked at me out the window,” he recalls.

“And to this day they were never humiliating. They have never (been) dismissive. They never looked down on it. They never made fun of me. And in fact they asked me to re-enact scenes for them.”

Michael Keaton
He thanked his ‘true believers’.
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He went on to thank “all those people in my family for never making me feel like a fool because I’ve done that myself several times.”

The “Beetlejuice” went on to cry out “doubters” saying, “Over the years we’ve all been through a lot of hard times. There have been some doubters. I’ve had some doubts. You know what? We’re cool. But I had also those people for all those years, when it was hard, who were true believers. I love you the hell.”

Michael Keaton in "Dope sick."
Keaton played a doctor who develops an opiate addiction in “Dopesick.”

‘Dopesick’, Keaton’s first role in a television series, was deeply personal to the actor.

He previously explained that one of his cousins, who was also named Michael, died in 2016 of an accidental overdose of heroin and fentanyl.

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Other nominees in the category were Colin Firth (“The Staircase”), Andrew Garfield (“Under the Banner of Heaven”), Oscar Isaac (“Scenes From a Marriage”), Himesh Patel (“Station Eleven”) and Sebastian Stan ( “Pam and Tommy”).

Earlier this year, Keaton won a SAG award for the same role, but missed his cue because he was taking a bathroom break.

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