To celebrate Easter, LEGO has released a free update for Bricktales for the Switch 2023

The LEGO Bricktales Easter update is now available to download for free on Nintendo Switch and all other systems.

Offering a fresh tale and other new features (which you can view in our original article below), this provides LEGO enthusiasts something more to enjoy before Easter celebrations. There are many of LEGO rabbits and chicks available.

LEGO Bricktales Free Easter Update Hits Switch Today

To access the Easter biome, it is sufficient to have finished the first world’s Jungle level. And it appears to be stuffed to the brim with Easter treats.

In October of 2017, LEGO Bricktales was launched on Switch to a handful of mediocre reviews (check out our thoughts at the bottom of this article). The brick-themed biome explorer may have failed to catch the construction brand’s imagination, but that hasn’t prevented creator Clockstone STUDIO from creating additional seasonal content for the game.

To celebrate Easter, LEGO has released a free update for Bricktales for the Switch 2023 2

The most recent update to be revealed will center on Easter and will be released in conjunction with the festival later this year. The new Easter world in Bricktales is all about fixing small-world problems via a series of LEGO dioramas. This time, you will assist the Easter Bunny in the production of chocolate eggs by guiding a variety of hens through a range of hurdles.

For further information on the update, please see the following page from publisher Thunderful:

This Easter update includes the following new features: – A wonderfully created Easter diorama

– A plot in which you must assist the Easter bunny to rescue Easter
– 5 new building puzzles. Four have specialized obstacles, while the fifth is an open region where you may construct more freely.
– 1 collecting quest – Easter eggs will be buried in the other existing worlds and may be used to buy stuff.
– Three new garments (purchasable with eggs players have found in the world)
– 1 new music track – A new menu item to alert you to ongoing changes

All players who have completed the game’s first world will have free access to the Easter biome. The park will thereafter have an entrance that leads to the new attraction.

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