Tino Franco cheats on Rachel Recchia

Tino Franco cheats on Rachel Recchia 1

“The Bachelorette” delivered on its promise for the most dramatic season finale ever.

Moments after proposing to Rachel Recchia and vowing to spend the rest of his life with her, Tino Franco admitted to cheating on his new fiancée in Monday night’s dramatic conclusion.

“I screwed up and I kissed another girl,” the prime contractor, 28, told the flight instructor, 26, during an emotional confrontation.

“The moment I did that, I knew I belonged to you, and this was the smallest thing ever, so I was just trying to… get past it,” he explained.

While Recchia pressed Franco for more details, he shared that he kissed a woman he’d met before joining the ABC reality series, but insisted they “never go on a date.”

Franco then pulled out a journal documenting his conversations with Recchia after the show about her desire to return her engagement ring.

The “Bachelorette” co-lead begged her fiancé to “tell the truth” and said she “highly doubted” that he was just kissing the other woman.

While Franco broke down in tears, Recchia declared that she was “done” with their relationship and took off her ring.

The California native has been a front runner since the start of season 19, even receiving the coveted first impression rose at its July premiere.

But Recchia and Franco hit a bump in the road when his parents didn’t give their blessing to the romance during the show’s August birthdate.

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