TikTok Nurse Apologizes For Suggesting Cosmetic Work From Natalia Dyer

An aesthetic nurse has apologized for a viral video suggesting that ‘Stranger Things’ star Natalia Dyer needed a cosmetic facial.

“I just wanted to come here and clear the air,” Miranda, the “certified aesthetic nurse injector” who came under fire for her comments, said in another TikTok Monday.

“I didn’t mean to offend anyone, including Natalia,” she claimed, insisting that the “picture of the 27-year-old actress was just an example.”

A screenshot of the viral TikTok
A TikToker is under fire for suggesting Natalia Dyer needs cosmetic surgery.
np.miranda/TikTok; Getty Images

“I’m sorry if people [sic] I thought that was mean or rude, that was not my intention at all.”

Miranda explained that she was “just offering suggestions – not about what you” to have to do – only on what the possibilities are.”

Natalia Dyer wears a dark green dress at a Netflix event for "Weird stuff" in May 2022
Miranda mentioned five characteristics of the actress that she would inject with filler or Botox.

In addition, she claimed her job as “an advanced injector” is to “look at faces”, “assess” them and determine “the possibilities” of changes that can be made.

But as many critics have claimed, “NATALIA. NOT. TO ASK!!”

“OMG Natalia’s face is PERFECTION as it is,” read one of the more popular Twitter comments. “All the things she wanted to ‘fix’, or ruin, give her face character. PLEASE NATALIA DON’T LISTEN TO THEM YOU ARE SO SO BEAUTIFUL.”

Side by side photos of Natalia Dyer now and the version of Natalia Dyer Sister Miranda would make
Critics criticized the injector for taking Dyer apart unprovoked.

Another dissident shared“I can’t imagine looking at such a pretty face and thinking ‘how can I make that more generic'” while someone else posted and noted the original video“I could never be a celebrity because if someone made a video like that about me, I would get violent.”

In her original TikTok, Miranda posted a close-up photo of Dyer, telling her followers she would “start treating those masseters”—the muscles primarily responsible for the elevation and protraction of the lower jaws—”to slim the face. to make .”

Natalia Dyer in a blue dress at the premiere of "Weird stuff" Season 4
Many felt that Miranda was trying to make Dyer’s face look “more generic.”
Getty Images

The injector would then add “a little bit of chin filler” to give the actress a more heart-shaped face before injecting “a little bit” more into her lips to give her “a nice pout.”

“And then we’d go in there and do a little Botox,” added Miranda, who she would use to give Dyer “a nice brow lift to help open her eyes.”

Nurse Miranda apologizes on TikTok
Miranda insisted she didn’t “mean” to be “mean or rude”.

“To top it off, she would give the actress some Sculptra — a specific type of filler designed to stimulate collagen growth — because Dyer “appears to have thinner skin.”

At the end of her video, Miranda shared a digitally enhanced version of what the Netflix star’s face would look like under her wing, which one social media user thought the brunette beauty would look like. look like “af-king egg.”

Episodic of Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers in "Weird stuff"
Dyer plays Nancy Wheeler in Netflix’s Stranger Things.
Thanks to Netflix

As part of her apology, Miranda made sure to gushed about Dyer, saying she’s “absolutely stunning the way she is.”

“That’s why she’s so successful,” she added, without mentioning the actress’s talent or work ethic.

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