There will be 30 future leaders from Morocco and Israel participating in a regional technology camp in Morocco 2023

The United States Embassy in Israel has recently made public an announcement on the establishment of an open grant for participation in a regional climate change technology camp that will bring together young leaders from Israel and Morocco.

In a statement released on Thursday, the embassy stated that the United States Department of State will offer expertise and preparation for the tech camp, which will comprise thirty rising leaders from Morocco and Israel who are between the ages of 20 and 35 and come from a variety of backgrounds.

Young people who are involved in civil society, education, young business owners, social media influencers, youth network leaders, environmental advocates, students, and young professionals who are fluent in English are eligible to apply.

The program will be carried out in three stages, the first of which is scheduled to begin in June 2023 and extend through June 2024. The first phase will consist of a capacity-building distance communication conference that will last for two to three days. This will be followed by a second phase that will be held in Morocco in September for six days to address climate change and build skills and capacity in project execution.

In the third and final phase, which will take place in Israel three months later, there will be a total of thirty young leaders participating, including fifteen from Morocco and fifteen from Israel. Participants will be able to advance their business acumen as a result of this opportunity. As soon as this phase is through, we will go on to the next, which is going to be the identification of initiatives that will be continued and carried out.

According to the announcement, the cutoff date for the receipt of completed applications is the 10th of April in the year 2023.

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