The Game Denies Dating ’13 Going on 30′ Star Christa B. Allen

This is how they do.

The Game shut down rumors he’s dating “13 Going on 30” actress Christa B. Allen after they shared a steamy kiss in a video posted to TikTok Monday.

“Christa and I have mutual friends. She attended my Fourth of July party and I jumped on her TikTok,” the 42-year-old rapper told People Tuesday. “She’s a beautiful woman, but we’re not going out.”

The video shows Allen, 30, looking down into the dump as she rests with her dog while telling her viewers, “What’s up, guys? I absolutely can’t take it anymore,” with the caption: ” When you just broke up BUT… you just broke up 😏.”

The clip then cuts to footage of The Game planting a big hug on Allen’s lips as he wraps his arm around her neck before playfully sticking his tongue out at an outdoor party.

The game kisses Christa B. Allen.
The Game denied that he and Christa B. Allen were dating after they shared a kiss on TikTok.

She credited the video with audio from Megan Thee Stallion and said, “What’s up, all of you? It’s me again, the motherf–king hot girl coach.”

Fans flooded the comment section of the TikTok post to wonder if The Game was actually dating Allen, with many referring to her iconic film starring Jennifer Garner.

“Jenna Rink & THE GAME. I missed a chapter LOL,” one person wrote, referring to Allen’s character in “13 Going on 30.”

The Game hugs Christa B. Allen from behind.
The Game has confirmed he’s seeing someone else.

“THIRTY FLIRTY & THRIVING WHUTT,” commented a second fan, quoting the 2004 rom-com.

Another referred to Garner’s love interest in the film, played by Mark Ruffalo, who wrote, “What happened to Matty?” with Allen writing back, “he dipped 🖐.”

“This is so random,” wrote a fourth user.

“You guys really missed the whole point of the video.. She’s ONLY so she can do what the point was.. don’t mean they’re chilll dating,” added another.

Christa B. Allen on a red carpet.
Allen also confirmed that she is single.
Getty Images for Create & Cultivate

And when another fan wrote, “How dare you post this without any context,” Allen confirmed that she and The Game weren’t a real couple, replying, “Full context! I’m a single woman who does stuff for single women. ”

Allen was linked to actor Alexander Will in 2014. Meanwhile, The Game confirmed to People on Tuesday that he is not single, but did not specify who he was dealing with.

Allen has gone viral in the past for her content that references “13 Going on 30,” in which she played the younger version of Garner’s character.

In 2020, she recreated a scene from the movie by wearing the same colorful Versace dress Garner, now 50, had worn.

“Jenna Rink forever 👛🌸💕✨#13goingon30,” she captioned the video.

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