Tamron Hall Debuts Blonde Hair For Season 4 Talk Show Premiere

New season, new hair.

Tamron Hall kicked off season four of “The Tamron Hall Show” with a fresh look, flaunting a platinum blonde look in clips and photos from its Instagram premiere yesterday — and it turns out her change of style fits in with her talk show theme.

“Golden hour,” she captioned a series of photos from the episode, tagging her hairdresser Johnny Wright, makeup artist Raul Otero and head stylist Eric Nobody from her show.

Wearing a pale gold Rodarte cape dress ($676, originally $1,690) with a black pattern and matching leggings ($368, originally $920) with slits at the ankles, the TV personality, 51, arrived in a gold convertible with her hair covered in a patterned silk scarf before stepping on set to show her new platinum ‘do.

Tamron Hall
Hall rocked a “golden hour” themed Rodarte set for her season’s debut.

Usually, Hall wears her dark hair in a short haircut with long bangs, but her new hair not only goes blonde, but is also pinned up in a dramatic wave with a cropped back.

A source tells Vidak For Congress Style that Wright, who was former FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s hairstylist while at the White House, came up with the idea.

“It’s a new ‘do the same me,'” she said in the episode, adding: “I’ve always dreamed of coloring my hair, but I’ve been a journalist for 30 years — an anchor for a lot of it — and they would always say don’t change your hair color, it will scare the public.”

“Well, those people aren’t in charge,” Hall — who also serves as an executive producer for her show — said as the audience cheered. “The Tam Fam is in charge and you all knew you would be okay with my new look.”

Hall’s new style is buzzed short below with a longer tuft of hair on top.

In addition to sharing the story behind her “dream” blonde hair, Hall explained the reasoning behind her overall gold theme.

“Today’s show is full of surprises and this is your first surprise,” she exclaimed, brushing her blonde hair, adding, “For the entire season, we call this meaningful time spent together the golden hour.”

Explaining that not only is the golden hour “that time of day just before sunset”, it is also “where we are enlightened together inside and out, where we laugh, discover, get inspired, learn to overcome challenges and to live life as it is golden.”

Tamron Hall
Hall wore her usual haircut on a June 2022 episode of her talk show.

Fans loved the new look, with one Instagram follower commenting on the show’s official account, “Now this hair! Yes ma’am!” and another writing, “You’re so golden #HarryStyles” with reference to the British singer’s song of the same name.

“Great videos, great haircut, great hair color, great show!” added another.

In addition to her new hair, Hall has had even more gold in her life lately: an Emmy for Outstanding Informative Daytime Talk Show.

Tamron Hall
Hall debuted her show in 2019.

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