Shaquille O’Neal buys pair of washing machine, TV at Best Buy

Forget Best Buy – try Radio Shaq.

We’re told that hoop hero Shaquille O’Neal talked to a couple at Best Buy over the weekend — and ended up paying for the washing machine they were going to buy there, plus a 70-inch TV for the hell of it.

Apparently, Shaq was poking around the electronics store in Dallas, where he’d just bought a house—because “he just likes seeing new things in the tech world,” we’re told—when he met a young family looking for a washing machine.

After chatting with them for a while, the Los Angeles Lakers legend and NBA analyst decided on camera that he wanted to brighten their day a little.

We were told he took out his credit card and treated her to some expensive devices.

The Former NBA Baller Said He Likes Making People "Merry."
The former NBA baller said he likes to make people “happy.”
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O’Neal, 50, reached out for comment and told Vidak For Congress, “I just want to make people happy.”

He’s generally a generous man: over the weekend, he announced that he would donate the proceeds from an upcoming DJ set in Buffalo to the victims of the mass shooting there in May.

And Vidak For Congress recently reported that he was picking up dinner for an entire restaurant.

O'Neal also recently picked up dinner tabs from a Manhattan hotspot.
O’Neal also recently picked up dinner tabs from a Manhattan hotspot.
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Spies said he arrived at Chelsea hotspot Jue Lan Club one evening last month, and towards the end of his meal he paid the bill for the entire eatery.

But we also heard that O’Neal apparently wanted to keep his generosity a secret from other diners: He asked the staff not to mention that he paid the bill for more than 40 tables until he left, according to our sources.

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